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Love or just lust?

love and desire is inextricably linked to each other. Desire is a natural form that the other two sects were "smoke" together.
Actually if there is no desire, love between a son and daughter is difficult to develop is, there is also the reason why the marriage is not sexual failure.

However, love is the noblest emotions of man. It's subtle, sublime can arise and emotional state. But how to distinguish between love and lust?

Here are a few "hints" of experts emotions:

only desire is if:

- you're absolutely focused on appearance and body

him before you even know the name of that person, you had dreamed about them and their bodies crave.

- You are not interested in anything that he said

It never had a conversation with him nothing else with you. Furthermore, you did not bother to answer their phone right away and you can "disappear" a few days without telling him.

You also do not think much when " glance at "the other exciting subjects, or look to others (eg friends) to cover the needs of your feelings.

- Most of the time the two of you in together for the "action"

You find another way to not be here for him, unless it is when two people in separate rooms. And if he begged you to spend time with them, you say you are too busy. But if you must at the him and not "close" people, you feel the opponent is bored and looking forward to working just like to go shopping alone.

- You leave after the "close"

After "intimate" with people, you try to leave. I can not think or talk together sipping something, simply, "he (she) must go."

Is love if:

- You have a strange change

free man you talk to him and whether people in the hours that you seemed just a few minutes. Listen to each other like you two talk. Between the two of you have changed markedly strange but very difficult to hide before others.

- You like shape, the look of him even

when you caught him in bad form, unkempt hair, you still find them extremely great.

- You want to spend time with him

Everything you want to do is be here for him, even though the two have "intimate" with each other or not.

- Two planning your future together

You feel a strange feeling that your life would be empty without him. You tell your friends and family that he is "true love" for you and you even think about marriage.

- You introduce him to friends and family

You tell your parents that you are important person and the person you want to get acquainted with your loved ones.

- You gave him in all your plans

Whether you're out with friends or take a walk pet dog, you want him with you.

And if the person is not there, you can not dispel the image people in mind and you take advantage of calling them to say "I (I) miss you (me) too."

- You become more romantic

Suddenly you feel like listening to love songs and the prevailing thinking of him. You send him flowers and put a romantic dinner at the restaurant for two people.

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