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Love of children

We are the only family the children brought into the restaurant. Erik set up my chair to sit and observe people are eating and talking softly around. Erik suddenly shouted in joy and said, "Welcome back it."

He beat his hands plump up the tray on the chair, his eyes closed headlines again, the mouth of the Son revealed broad smile flashed to the ear when it bend giggled and seemed full of joy.

I looked around and immediately understand why. It was a man wearing a locked box accidentally, his toes sticking out beyond the so-called shoe. Dirty shirt, unkempt hair and not shampoo. His beard is much too short to be called a beard and his nose is varicose veins, such as a map after that. We are too far should not smell anything, but I guess he must also have a smell. Waving his hands and break loose on the wrist, "Hi, boy. Hi, pal. I saw him then, "the man said to Erik.

The couple looked at each other," How do here? ".
Erik continued to laugh and answer, "Hi, hello behind him." Everyone in the restaurant all eyes on our side and then the man. Older adults begin bothered with my lovely children.

Our food is served and the man began shouting from across the dining room. No one thought that old man standing alert. Apparently he was drunk. My husband and I feel really awkward. We ate quietly, except for Erik, it continues to show his work and very professional guy with the ghetto and then that guy, and it responded well to the comments of fun.

Finally, we had finished eating and walked out the door. My husband walked to the counter and told me to wait for him in the parking lot. That old man sitting calmly between where I stand and doors. "Lord, let me out of here before he said anything to me or Erik," I whispered.

When I stepped closer to him, I tried to rotate back quickly and avoid inhaling any bit of air he exhaled. At that time, Erik who stuffs from me, arms reaching toward the older man. I had barely stopped, Erik reached the hands of him. Say so, an older man, who smelled a strong premature baby was to become friends. With looks full of confidence, love and delegate, Erik leaned his head on his little shoulders of his ragged.

Man eyes closed and I saw the drops tears are caught under the lashes. Hands dusty age, pain and hard work of the boy he is pampering and massage his back. In a short moment so, no two people can love each other so deeply. I stand amazed. Coddle men, swinging Erik in his arms, he opened his eyes and looked straight at me. He said in a voice stocky, majestic, "I take care of this child." Is this due to some reason, I forced his mouth uttered "yes" from the throat, almost choking on their retention.
He expressed reluctance to fully and earnestly when Erik must be removed from the chest, feeling as if he was hurt. I pick up the boy and man said: "May God bless her, she gave me the gift of God. She said no, I have never seen my children grow up. My wife and my son has left me in a car accident when both are very young. I still could not overcome it. "

I do not know what to say more than thank hesitated and said:" It's sad to know his story. " Erik hugged, I ran out of cars. My husband was worried why I cried and hugged Erik too tightly so, and why I say: "Lord, Lord, please forgive me." I had just witnessed God's love is expressed through the innocence of the little boy, a child does not know the judge, it only saw the mother at heart and just see the clothes.

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