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Love Messages

I forget this love
You go!
Why not take my love go?
You left me with the love of ourselves.
A dream dropped open. "

When he saw me first, the mischievous look of my children has attracted him. He is a man believe in love at first sight and he was hit. And he was dead. Death of happiness. To die is love you. I thought that I love and be loved. The children have made him think so. He felt happy to go out with you. To Hand , to hold you and tease you, you fat processing, processing them or something. And maybe they never understand what he said. With love like that. Like loving parents or scold their children . And me, I processed them with all his passionate love for you.
I was little. Yes, sometimes my thoughts proved to mature. But I'm still a little girl and with you just a little girl only.

I'm not too experienced a man. He is a man just gathered everything from the world and distill yourself what planet again drugs. I hesitate to say I love you. Not because I hesitate because of his love, or wonder if it really is not that afraid to love because it is not the first time asked to speak as others n . The thought of him not a little more than a child. He himself to be. But with love, he has a Kant. You know it. I understand myself. Because I know that I love I like when we broke up.
One door closes. All of which will be the past. The other door opens. And he loves nature and it has. Will you have to close it again?
Ever too. Often, it is derived from one side. I do not love me as much as what you deserve. Leaving a space in your hearts. Maybe he will need more time to fill the gap that the intangible and cold.

I take away from him without his love. I hate love love it because it still exists. It still occupies a large place in my heart, in his mind. It grows every time I see people happy together. At the time, recalled that he conquered , to eat him.

I forget this love!
I call you!
I said nothing and walked off.
coldly and decisively .

moment I understand that I will have to live alone with their love and try to strangle it every day in every way. It's brutal and cruel. But is it done?
sun still shining bright, beautiful day. Today is tomorrow but who knows lightning storm again. I am very sad today, but tomorrow who knows your heart will be happy again. Self-comforting . If you lose faith, you will lose more.

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