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Love married the wrong guy?

and he had been dating for some time but you know everything about him still just a phone call from mobile, appointments during working hours and the times at night ... motels. You do not have any information which "fixed" about him. You suspect that she is dating married people
If he had these signs, do not doubt that your actions: they are afraid of this guy certainly has a wife and and in his eyes, you are just the "change something", no more no less.

No landline phone number

The touch of you and he happen very often, but all only by email and the name you know is just a name, not their name or a nickname for him, not well known. If you talk to the guy on the phone, the phone number that is sure his mobile number and the calls and it also appears to be maintained in the range from 8am to 5pm. That is quite correct signs that show he's calling you from work.

The best way to "test" him as he asked for the number of fixed lines at home and said to phone him after about 6 pm (about time he is the most potential are the wife). Of course, should also be alert to discern whether he's snare you or just because he was too busy or not really used landline phones.

Avoid evening appointments

Usually a man whose wife will be very difficult to leave home often at night or day weekend. He can only win a short time, during a session of a week, but can not be 2 or 3 as you might expect. Remaining, most of the meeting between them took place during working hours.

If you want to test him, let him active appointments evening 6 th or 7 th week and watch his reaction. A man is still "single" and looking to steal your heart will be ready for you any day of the week.

Always have a reason to reject the appointment last week

If he always has reasons are "legitimate" to maintain postpone or avoid the weekend date with your target market, then he was married. Whether he can intelligently to nowhere to hide these things, then you should not blur the eyes of the reasons he believed. Obviously, he can not expect absent on the weekend without being suspected wife. That's the main reason.

You will never have appointments this weekend, if "your guy" has ... Married

Sex, sex and sex

If all of your conversations and he was never finally he error on a unified theme: sex, then that means that either you went to him immediately into the past or you should look for a different audience and away from his own. If he could only think about it when at your side, it is like you are just fun things to buy through the street, is lined brick legs for him only.

A man who truly loves you will pay more attention to your interests, not interested ... How do you stay in bed.

his friends hide the existence of your

Have you ever met any of his friends are not? Even he had to mention them (but never lead you to meet these people)? A man truly loves you will want to bring you into his world, is proud to introduce you to all his friends so that you understand and step deeper into his life.

Test him is simple: Ask to see his friends. If he tells you that he really did not have time for that, you see that you have less then two cases may happen: either he is really little you or he fears "the needle in the exit cover "without noticing it and everything about your wife and children will come to his ears. Be alert to carefully consider this.

Avoid intimate with you in public

Did he take you to the public or even to accept locations dating the two of you in a crowded place and shows the intimate gesture in that place? If not, perhaps the main reason is because he is afraid someone will encounter familiar friends and him. Of course there are many guys do not like to show affection in public but he will be a way to make you understand why he refused to show it to you without any doubt encumbered.

Do not have a chance for him to turn you into the idiot in his eyes and pay attention more to the place that leads you to him. If it is always a remote restaurant or a bar in a quiet place far from the center, then he's probably anxious to play, be bothered going to see you there.

signs finger ring

Does he have a faint circle around the ring finger, the skin than with the other skin on the finger? If true and you know that he has been divorced, you're safe. But if true that you have not heard any story of divorce, then maybe he has family, but especially the wedding ring hidden in a purse or pocket ... It that a sign is easy to see because it's so obvious.

Of course, many who have never married but the ring (because of the entanglement, for example) so there would be no ring on your finger that translucent skin. So you must be really awake before this sign.

Despite the signs of any event, unless you want to become "second families" or financial dependence on him, but if not, avoid

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