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Love love you a blind

man who brought us the ultimate happiness and who gives us extreme pain .. . I hope he read, read those last words she wrote to him, for the love of their own, I do not hook or ask me on my side but I hope you understand that anhva willing heart that loved him and how to end of a beautiful love story and also our own sad

England, emko know how to describe him should understand that they should not go and see him he is there ? I tried to forget, trying to suppress their emotions to leave it for me anhnhung is indeed very difficult, you know it? so would not you say not to tell you about me anymore because I do not now is another concern of the children he would say to speak out last kô also squarely in the heart again.

I know I still dripping years anxiously waiting, waiting for him and hope he still loves you, you stupid so he is not it? I have lived and worked really well, has tried to live well and good to wait to change him, hope he will be happy because I have lived and how well change is all because of you. I wait for him, waiting for him each day. counting each passing day he will return to the days that have den.mac though he gave no notice, but she was waiting, waiting and welcoming him where the airport, people were hugging and happy to welcome him, and I in a corner, I just stood looking at his watch and cry a ball away from him slowly. He put his eye pic, check the search. not see me for me it was normal because he does not anxiously waiting for the presence of children. it made my heart broken and you're miserable wait, wait I'll call, looking to meet you. Ko ra.tung but that there is a chain right now suffering through. Em.tung most painful of my life now, each day that passes I've look forward to working even while eating, sleeping cho.em I always wait anxiously cried, were frustrated, the more pain the more I love you. True love is blind. And what also is limited by no.em could not bear the thought in the same city without first met him, saw I was Tet anh.hom 30 ggoi power and courage to pedal anh.lay pride in his red tongue to call him, that day I do not mean to talk like that pic, check with him and look forward to seeing you, I just wanted to hear him noi.nhung I was disappointed, again a loss again hope you will think so .... you know not? 3 Year's Eve this way is not that I do not cry Eve this year and I still cry, cry more, is not it true the flat he? all all, all my love life for him but happy smiles Ko until 3 pm mung Tet when my heart could not listen to my more rational then I have met anh.nhung "I'm Busy" after 3 years only to see him again to ask a question "How are you Ko and he said he was busy," he was busy going drinking with ban.that sad and hurt. then you can not describe the feeling going on in my em.ngay gone tomorrow and you never see each other again but he could not busy for me a little time, taking with them a cup nuoc.dieu that for a normal person you can be that he moi.con unfortunately I can "is what they always tell me, he must go," I think that what is repressed in 3 years can say with some only questions why? you wind forces rain to find the team he was happy with him ... because you could not even just for you by a friend phut.em Ko normal you? and then he said a question that now I still hate "me down the dark, he promised me he is down" you know what I promise you not? and he can count how much is my promise to you that he did not perform I was sad he ah? and what makes me What hurts the most is you know it? from the past to now I do not know what he was jealous, jealous I myself did not know I tuc.em have nothing to envy ca.o he loved the other he has had so nguoif of Nam Dinh, but he has a new lover that do not accept that duoc.em I could not bear the feeling of love and hugs everyone in your arms. also someone say sweet words of love he has for you, but thoi.noi own children, but this is not the first I blame you, I only blame themselves, the children did not keep my love for you alone, sad and suffering for yourself, let me see you even find a time to sit and listen I do not believe I just heard noi.em but what others say about me but sad thoi.em lam.the laaaa all then he a.em not know, never, never again to meet him, be with the children now anh.tu must put an end to the sad love him so much he's em.yeu you know not? though far apart, but she was always with me always watching his every step on this life knowing he did not expect good unlike me but I still love a love that only children have. I would be happy

Baby, you know I miss you a lot but the years go by I still expect him .......

all over, was all that I said things that I want to say to him anh.vinh particular, farewell my first love of this world from now on we lose each other forever.


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