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Love letters sent to yourself ...

" ... He communes! I just finished surgery for patients, better surgical procedures completed, the patient's home son is fun and also gave me a peppermint candy. I for him because you know I love the smell of mint so today the first week, take me home I will cook a delicious meal of fish soup. " Husband! I know you are somewhere and are thinking about you, after the unfinished romance, love make me almost lose confidence, you came to my side as the flow of fresh local flavor, she felt apparently stepped on the sunflower fields, he stood there - surrounded by golden rays dance - hand toward you ...
You make me happy, make me smile and I realize the truth that "love is not eternal" was extremely bad gas ... Do not know at what moment I have a habit of thinking of him, turned and looked at times like he just suddenly appeared and then smiled "It is nothing to find! He is, was and will be waiting for you! Only two predestined path has not met to date. "
Where I'm not stupid, no matter who was depressed and tired of love I understand that I did not even silly. I believe he exists he is real he will come to you as the boat on the beach, as living arrangements are inherently so. I'll be the most beautiful angel dress with white in his eyes. Our children will be cute as my own, and we reason as he is useful to society ...

Every time I come home from work I'll wait for him with hot meals and buds more affectionate, I will beautify your house, you know everyone says they are very skillful. I'll be embroidered on the curtains of colored yarn and garments for warmth Cat - my daughter is a really cute bag ... their own homes will be filled with sunshine like the house my parents are here.
... Appointment to meet you very much ... at the end of the road ....

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