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Love letters of Phiden Caxtoro

On 7 / ll / 1953
Nati dearest From jail he would like to send you this compliment graciously. I'll always remember and love you even though he has long since not been heard of you. He received a letter which I loved because his mother moved him and he never kept it at hand. If you have suffered much for me then you know that he would be happy to devote his life to honor and happiness of children. Public opinion can not make us worry. All the really important things in our consciousness. Although life is very poor, but there is something immortal and eternal as his memories of you and will always rest with his eyes down until your hands .

22 / 12 / 1953
Nati great with you!
Finally, I am writing you this reply. The most recent letter he read to them twice, because it was new cause for anh.Anh feel my words very sweet and sexy, but which also has a bit sad. He wanted his letters to give you pleasure, although his prison as our brain. Even here he is not suffering, but may slightly increase the suffering of children or what? the idea that he can amplify the pain of not you make me stand back, because I love you. How can he chased me out of his thoughts are? Nati, his turn to read my letter very carefully and analyze the thoughts and emotions are expressing that but I do not fear, for him, where they make so much can not know all .

On 5 / 01 / 1954
Nati darling!
In fact the correspondence between him and me is something odd. Letters like those of us living our own lives. We meet somewhere on the path of their own and sharing the secrets and problems before they reach us. And one unlucky we think and write words of passionate people at Christmas? And I feel there could not have telepathy? Letters of us in the past seven weeks beyond the initial stage, the holding period of alternating light and the shock of first love are stifled by too long a period as well adapt to circumstances and those around you. Every time I read a letter from him even more evident that the Creator had a fabulous result for me because I was endowed with an intelligent mind (and of course do not forget to give them a graceful appearance .) Also in his letter he wrote to me and just to own them only. And he is not interested in you will do something to them.

I suggest you keep the correspondence between us. I can believe in this story-he smiled when he thought of that. Because to a moment, then all people will know the secret.
Hug Kiss me, my Phiden.

Date 31/0l/1954 Nati loves you! Letters of them very useful, very interesting and constant expectations. They are a source of endless fun of him. They have faces like the stars seem like every day a light emitting khacnhau. Hey, he started talking about the stars already! Actually the light of a star is different from the light of another star system wherein it? Nothing different even where? Yet every once saw sparkling different colors. A kiss is just a kiss but who love each other never tired kiss at all.
This life is a kind of honey is never thick back-that's mysterious in children's letters. No problem, some time will pass before I could hug you in the heart, so I'll close my grasp like a flower in your hand.

On 9 2 / l954
Nati loves his boundless! She was a woman. Women - which is something most gentle, most loving this world. Not a gift given woman is only valid if it is presented in a contempt for other women. And he behaves like that would not deserve the love of any woman in any of them.
The woman in my heart, man is the source of sacred admiration Immunities violations.
Reason cold as an iceberg, but the passion is as hot keys Fossils: the first is irrelevant in the realm of emotions, while the second, entirely convincing. You are very brave and he loved it. He is very happy khoi.Hay write you because you can not live without you.

Phiden of children.
(From the love letters of Phiden Caxtoro)

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