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Love letters Monday

" too long I do not write for him. I thought that I had forgotten "
But until today, when compressed music please listen to songs that I know I can not forget. Still like the old days when they hear this music first piano book with me in mind of the girl in a natural way as when we came together. Miss you too! Full of nostalgia offered in the heart, eyes filled up the corner made me cry. How long have you hustle?
I again walked the old path, the path we each go through. Subconscious was struck by what is not real.
"Yes hun you step on the road smoking.
I ask myself, are we going?

If my day does not go towards him.
not met, how we now? "
He also asked me that question. And then he said: "If you do not, if you do not go towards him, he will come and we'll still see each other." I used to know how much happy to hear him say those things. True happiness was not he?
And who, once happy to live in a day to worry about separation? I said if you are scared of their own story was a mistake. And his right is not wrong? You have to blame you? Shall I? Or charge the moment we meet him?
"Having seen the clock back.
I asked myself, meaningful moments!
If on that day, at a different moment
sure, I look see each other. "
I used to suffer great pain. Pain to despair when he says we will not be forever friends. But I still believe I came together because of fate. If that moment I did not come together it would probably be at another, to another time. I will come together, why not? By to see him, you know who has found his true love.

So "If you have time to return.
Day I met you, pay back on the wind .
I will still walking toward him
side curtain flowers sunny window where he sat
Call me "Oh beautiful people"!
Please call me, as past he has called. "
Brother, you are you?
How long I do not see each other. The love seems to have cooled. But that moment, the minute he met. I can not forget. Eyes, smile ... All, he does not remember?
I still hope though that's not together, you will not regret it because he had met. Loved by all and Foolish delusion of a headstrong girl and has always been cocky. So if you see each other again, just call them like I've known him my first time. Do you ever remember saying that? "If people apart still call love?"
And dear beloved!
Did you ever remember me? Since
apart, they seem to forget the concept of love and accept love one another. As the months side by deeply entrenched in my mind. The scene was, roads, lighting candles, whispered words ... And flowers ...
"If space is returned
Night with gold candles, fresh flowers overnight identity.
I will still wait, that moment.
Moments season are happy to see a rush of
Listen, whisper he said:
"I love you, I love you very much"
I miss you so much!
The This seems to write love songs for the children. For him. And for the days you were together. I used to sing drunk. I was so passionate song lyrics and beautiful melodies. But on that day and now you songs with different moods. In the past the mood of a girl in love and real happiness. But now I sing of regret or distress, calming wisdom about her every moment together ...
I remember you lot?
Well, I do cam died. He once said would never miss you, never want to see you again. I mistakenly turned away without a backward hook. but at that price you hook him. Who knows ... Anyway, for what torment.
Though far apart, but forever, love. I will always remember ...
"Looking in, suck sugar far hun, thank you, what has passed.
contemporaries call him darling, I love you, I love you very much.

Looking in, suck sugar far hun, thank you, but it was over.
contemporaries call him darling, I love you, I love you very much. "
thousand times thank Although I still think is not enough. He has brought her a wonderful world "Night night, candles gold color flower ...". What no one has done and will no longer be the world's most beautiful fairy any more with you in the days afterwards.

Tomorrow, I'll go on my way. No longer is the way I used to walk, no way of appointment where we stepped. It is no longer the happy moment for me laugh in earnest later. nothing! But until then was enough to make you not regret what has passed. Is there, I'm sorry I did not go all the way together but we have chosen. Europe is not his destiny? As the moment we came together ...?
song ended, my love, too. last letter to you, I just want you to hear the old song about a memory forever who loved him with complete trust!
Please put your lips kiss his last earnest of the start.

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