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Love is not unilateral

Right first met you, I have heard my heart conceptualist seethe. What a very strange feeling washed themselves in the soul and makes you see something beautiful, something so lovely of highly

The first time a woman has given I feeling so sweet. And then he realized that the heart has the silhouette of me.

A month near one another, time is too short to say love is not it? So he remained silent to their mutual understanding. There are times he softened just wanted to scream that "I love you" and how well, but he tried to curb waiting for a day ... On it he will give you fresh rose petal with open loving words, and you are happy to Fatima, with tears when receiving flowers from his hands, then leaned my head on his chest, whispering ... Just thought you should feel only happiness permeates every cell in the body.

My sister told me: "My brother loved this look terrible life! Hand you always cheerfully, or laughing, or singing, not shouting at you but for the money or siblings. A, or is he in love ... right? ". No wait he replied, pulling clothes Ha early evening he sat down the couch, next to it. It is important to look, put his hand to his lips very softly said: "Almost! He who caught the eye so he Giang? Guide introduces you to go away." I think of you immediately. But remember what I had with each other first. No, my love for you was then. And you? I confess I do not know of any little impression on him no more.

The first time a girl gave him the feeling sweet How sweet ...

many times he says the words of my heart to you but when you touch your eyes, all his plans to vanish like a balloon blow off steam. A clear eye does not send a little soul. His poignant thought: I do not have any feelings for you? So I continue waiting, continue to suppress our hearts and continue to make love to me.

Then one day, yes, the very day he planned to express his love for children. Only then to say why or goods. Every suppressed this forever he will take to explode it. But ... Look at my front door with the shoes of men. Who? Ever have any sons to his office than I do. I hear your heart beat faster and harder than normal. Nervous asphyxiation. He rose quickly hide in your pocket. And he froze dead quiet room in front of you. A tall young man has a face more handsome than him. Fair to say that he or she has a pair with me more than his age. He who does not feel like the weight is suspended in the air. "This is my boyfriend Tung. Tung travel on a new medium." I introduced my boyfriend with his eyes glowing smiles happy medium. Oh, my eyes have seen the new Tung soul how! Rose in his pocket as suddenly wiggle, make fun of him. He does not remember what I said, what he said, Tung said what. I just remember that night when he sat on the burning cigarette despite the night passed ...

I see you guys often ask: "Is not love you?". I think of you now - the girl he loves but does not love him, and told them: "Yes." We asked: "How do people love you?". He described them.

I tried to forget you live more peacefully. But remember you can not fail to be. Officers must become familiar with nostalgia set only. Because I still love you! My love is not love unilaterally, is not she?

He Firewood!

* * *

For him a opportunity, you?

Mind send me the love Send me!
his Angels!

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