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Love is not saying

- TVT-how many times he repeated the name that my heart stir ring. I do not know how to name the emotion you feel for him, just know that it's very special boy! Is it just a little vibration of childhood innocence that his students - nice guy just a lock on me, more than one year old child was accidentally stolen from me, or is it love love - is the first love of children? I wish I could make it highlight the correct question mark into an exclamation point to my own understanding!
He now is doing what, where, what school are ... I was not sure I have accurate information. I only know his name, his face and shape. I kept in my heart that images of him to remember and just like that! Yet somehow this much was enough to make me nervous, and there waiting for him to miss at longer ravenous. I miss you - remember too much boy!
You see, I really do not know much about him. But less talked about than he does not even know you always, so that why I still miss him so much you? If just a kid, just a little emotion trumped reason why his name is now echoed in me. Foolish is, is stupid or what it is you do not know. So I do not know your name I love for him. Not the hitting did not when I call it: "Love is not saying." This is a song by American singer that I love Tam because she found his picture in it - I like there real close to me. There are times when I wonder, I've heard a song that was reasonable? So that escape me now is that only college students in her two remaining children stupid fascist day she now has a new university students that he. I miss you - do you know?
On the grade 11 students also he is the guy with the chaos of the last level to worry about schoolwork, exams and future expectations. I do not know you already know I remember that commercial from when, just remember that the first day I met you I'm not feeling anything, I have never once talked with him so that he now thought of my heart I still thrill to the world!
I do not know his house, he knew only commune commune near you. He went on school trips and also my two cases, the children ride home to four times. The ball then its just you on the road retail hot afternoon sun poured fire. I only occasionally after he accidentally ride all the way home the day he was off to visit home only. So my bike as he slowly, slowly on the familiar road home quiet river. Do not you dare look at him, not daring to look straight. I pretended to look across the river when the water goes smoothly, it was very light wind, the sun is low. How far away is the white stork wings inside the green trees and there are many, many others are also very good boy!
I said to myself - is the way I know how beautiful. I see life as it rose and you me warm moments after a tiring day of school. Looking at the clouds, the sky's all new but in fact he is the center of them. I have estimated my way to prolong the moments he did not go so fast. According to his bike until I arrived at his home slope. Unlike usual, only a hand brake pulled less than a minute later I landed safe at home. This time I had pulled the handbrake from the top is steep but stop there, I looked in hidden form and then he went back home to remember, back injuries, hope to see you again very soon, and just to go a long side. I still ride on country roads beloved calm but very unusual mind. He did not recognize her as his stupid cold all the way dressed. There are more stupid when he was a child that T ah!
No one was talking to him, had not understand anything about his people, but she knew he missed the time did not see him, blushed and said sounds like heart palpitations when he was just running through my system in time for school; know to get up early, go to school early so he waited at the railing he looked in shape to go to school every day, also at times looked defeated ball up for school books were rushed to the railing as he looked ...
If only a transient, is vague so far I still look forward to seeing him so. I do not understand his own feelings but I believe I have known love. And if you still wish to be selected once saw him land somewhere in the capital Hanoi this. Perhaps you will see warmer, more in love with Hanoi that he now.
So, my old student has gone so beautiful - you have to love a man is how? You'll keep your picture in my heart along with the drug's second oldest child devil boy. But if given the chance to see him again, I would not expect to meet with him or to confess to me what this feeling. Perhaps he will be the world. Because you always want to keep the images of him as a good memories. I also believe better when I remember him like that. Wishing for good luck, happiness and to the side. All of thorns on his life through pictures!
Hope to see you!
She sat sad miss you fool!
(Hanoi - 18/04/2009)

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