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Love is not perfect ...

- I normally hate, hate what promiscuous, so the Central Government, But ... true that "no hate for heaven's given him", it gave me a love ... "was"

love is perfect love between a guy with mold handsome face style or manly, or babe; height of one meter with the 8 tails game, the announcement made to the street; study well, playing "loading"; dress gu; many talents such as road types, singing, dancing, drawing, IT ... funny, Galant, intelligent, loyal ... (etc.) ... With a beautiful girl, fom standard design "good"; educated families; behave wisely, speak softly, women make the right part is (such as flower arranging, cooking, baking ...) modern in thought, deep emotion, communication skill ... a dynamic, confident, hard just, sincere, enthusiastic, responsible ... (and so on) ...

two people love each other passionately. Every day, he came to take her to school, hang out with Dylan, LX, no rain today, then borrowed his father's BMV. They drink in the stylish bar, restaurant to eat in the entertainment at the Plaza little dull ... They love each other forever, but not bored. Each day they found out an excellent point at which the other person to love more, love more ... to a specific date, sublimated into a love marriage. Then they will have children - babies and cute, happy little contempt. They go to work and succeed, advance in your job. Their small family living in a big mansion, always happy laughter. Then their children grow up, also perfect as a young parent. This time, boys and girls have a couple old, but still feeling very salty, sitting together looking contented life away ... Until death! ...

Li the perfect farewell

Generally, there are two reasons for a broken love: it's all love and not another. Most perfect "all love", and all is great way betrayed! A girl, or boy, accidentally captured scenes of tenderness, affection (eg hugging, kissing, ... and so on ...) between a person who loves you ... not me! Thus, that is all love it!

"Late goodbye" perfect

What's better than the guys like crazy, then gulping wine, while the girls were wiping tears off a ton of paper?! ! After tears, people will ask "why ...?". Asked then of course there will be explained. But sometimes, silence is a question and answer perfectly. Silent - that is to accept the truth, because it is originally so, whether or not we have known. Silent - that is nothing to say, yes, it was like that. Pain. Sad. Down. Disappointed. But still be able to forgive and come back. Love a person you do not trust. Thus, there is all that is love!

... At that time, both the UK and you are not in the kingdom. So, we are the only two people who are not colored dust. We do not - for - perfect!

Love is not perfect

I'm not handsome, high-range only are all seven feet of land! Fortunately, the antlers removed by a little glass effect "sleeping position" with a smile that looks khenh "EU EU". But he is really a good guy! Before you know, he likes to gather Comrades cafe, gamers at home during night light, and sleep. Together all his interests as you, and the like!

I keep telling him that: "Try to make me a new love are you! Nhé! Without you, the swelling of his dull dull floss more attention to you .... " But that was only joking me sir! No I love it and I was dull. Because, I'm not a girl "peak" What commitment! I also missed something in size, it is not necessarily out of this world, nor enough to be like that. Not pretty not bad, not good not stupid, is responsible for custom work, depending on the object enthusiastic, hard-arbitrary, slightly active, sometimes make is, and sometimes subtle, in general ... this is the time When the other. Perhaps, the tissue type that is common to all the girls want to be normal. I normally hate, hate what promiscuous, so the Central Government, ... But it is "hate of heaven give any of it", it gave me a love ... "also"!

"Well" - also means ...! Obviously nothing like that! Clearly identify that you are always thought to myself that: There he is, without the ball so well! Every day walking down the street, caught the handsome guy, do you wish "if only ...." I am not the one which she endured, nothing to shy to accept love as a kind of "had it", why do not you dare to dream and hope things get much more? Cause you know, "was" also means "too good" in a rare and life is difficult ...

The reason is not completely split

perfect Nearly two years in love, you and me arguing for no less than a hundred times. More than half the time arguing that their claim they broke up. Numerous reasons, then, when the delay caused by his appointment, he growled at the children playing computer games too much, or sometimes just the very tun acne.

_ Why are you late? Know how long you wait it? Once too!

_ I'm sorry. Why is "war" bad billiard games with these guys ...

_ For you less important than a billiard game you?

_ Oh ... I'm sorry ...

_ Breaking away! So he spoiled the game free!

_ Come on you ... I promise next time no more!

So ... there. What was also given reasons are comprehensive and specific. So once we'd never split can be both. Because of that such a resolution, does not he?

But this time ... He said: "Not compatible" - just three words in general, roughly, as that's all abstract.

Love how long, now ends with a sentence "not compatible". He laments heard very well together ... you do not suffer quite the same time? Incompatible forever now that he realized? Incompatible - that is, no one at fault, is not I? Simply do not like each other ... ...

"You see we do not like each other." Yeah. I told you so. Yes! Then break it! He then shows how they also know how this anymore?

"Late goodbye" imperfect

Two days after breaking his hand, I still find myself unable to cry. Two days, not even once we'd met the week of that, so, two days is not, I'm interesting! Everything is happening very ordinary. Previously, before me, you are still alive and well. So why after him, then disappeared, my life had to change otherwise?

I go to school, to the editorial, even "run number" 3 his birthday, at night, then hugging peace cafe, online blogs, chat chit chat a little mound and then I write ti All articles ... as if we had not broke do not ... Well, as if we never love it! And I think, or that I was wasting too much time together? Lose without regret, the things that are really valuable, really necessary?

But two days after breaking his hand two days without anyone send me a greeting good day in the morning and no one to call me at eight o'clock I went to ask the editorial office safe, and no matter what anyone a box of milk tea cool to drive your mother with a tingle aromatic sandwich, an hour at noon, when you're hungry but want to faint ... afraid to go buy food, no beep my message out at eleven and a half for the night to screw up because I know I trepsil box or cough at night, no one online at 1 am, then they do face angry buzz, forced you to go to bed early to help tired ... No one, besides me! It is not just habits gone? But it was how much love and attention has gone. Finally, I also realized, that they should not regret the two years of love, but she lost the last two days can you love me realize how much ...

things just got out, along with the thought "and then broke up, so not only the first two days
, which will be forever from now on ..." strikes cause heart pain. I feverishly send him a message: "when we met he was not." "I bent outwards di" - each one in his message made me surprised. I looked at his watch: nearly 12 midnight. Jacket with a shirt, they run out. If lucky, you'll find the things that I have lost his, then I will try to learn how to love, cherish and preserve it ...

winter evening, two ranges high pressure gold down the road, then keep sucking wind on a small side street that the more long and deep. Slightly to the right of the gate area is a group waiting for the bus station, located two kilometers behind the two parties. He is waiting for you at the next regular tree Monday. Two years away enough to form a habit, but very little so I can imagine something different, for example, I'll wait for you next to a tree first. This was the correct answer is different. He sat on the benches of the terminal waiting for stainless steel, hand-sitting or pants pocket, poured forward.

_ Why do you want to meet you?

_ Because I just realized that I really miss you

_ So now having done , then all remember, I went into the house!

_ Empty or not, he knows how!

_ So until then all over?

I cried: "If you asked this question before, I will respond very smoothly. But now, I do not know ... no sir ... I know I dare not promise to love you more than before, but I sure love it enough to make me afraid that if I break up ... "

I tell you is done, he was a simple answer:" Do not know a model in my dreams, or any of those girls. And as a 17-year-old boy, model girls he often imagined it really is different from you. But when 21 years old, met you He thought: "Love is also her baby, huh." Love is a time and then, you think: "Yeah, forever Just love this ball so well." You know you have thoughts so. So, I'd love us to try to stop "temporary" to redefine their emotions. And the reason he made "incompatible" - an excuse to not meet again if I was it could not hurt anyone. "incompatible" is sometimes all that pent-up warm memories, but sometimes it does not take a meaningful at all! Especially now that I've waited here so long, and finally meet, to give to the girl he loves is not perfect, and also his courage in love with an imperfect, or suck on a candy box. Not the same I can still love each other, is not she? "


_ The message asking if you do not see him, then I broke it you?

_ No! I guarantee that you will love each other only. Because we do not perfect ...

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