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The Love Hope

I loved
The night chill of the day was cold last year, well lonely emptiness something that he tries concealed inside. He said yesterday his mistake and he paid the price for today and the days to come. The two five-star status wiggles through so quickly. A farewell visit to visit him again years running according to a new love, and you too.

Always thought that two separate life for life, so that He took us to the sky close together again .. lover goodbye to me about it is the choice that he could hardly force. And I also, like her heart two reconciled as the early initial meeting. I still do, still images choked, the slender girl who turns 20 years old. But perhaps I was too naive to the old "status" thing.
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The carefree, innocent of e do not have to worry that bind my heart for 2 painful years. Beats the hustle of the society, famous grumpy's time to turn me into a guy much lighter Agent. He said concern for his own life, I think it is a bliss, is what a very long waiting. I promise to return with him to that promise so that you have not done. I told him that for me time to break new boyfriend, and he was willing to have an excuse for what he did was come back .. I'm not sad to wait, he was very familiar with the feeling of waiting wait, as this will further clarify that I still love you like a win for the day. I know you doubt his wisdom very much, partly because he is too much communication with people of society, partly due to the flexibility that my mouth remained constant resentment than his words!

Although I do not mind saying it, but I understand very well what my mood swings .. Since when is see you again, as he found her to be happy again, Oh! infinite happiness though is just unilaterally.
unilaterally but honest, no lies. Human life such as a Buddha sitting on a passenger bus "up and down"

Up: when they are born and try to live life to the
Down: when they are old and leave this world
People who do not avoid trips from her life. And he learned a profound truth, that love is not so black u black but because he still will u .. i do not trade them all to run, but I'd trade all to give me a full life, and a sincere happiness.

It's just a wealth of golden thought that I'd done for me. I know it is not easy when you are still in the current round of thinking, but he will wait, he'll wait, wait until you see him with absolute confidence.
Doctrine life has taught me many things, so you say he aging.

More love for you to add songs half long, is thinking about you more and put more hope. He did not promise to love you forever but I'd promised me a cane until they stop. Available from the karmic past life, past life together, the existence of this debt to pay, and I find that I owe you too much and he had to pay with my heart, the most valuable things he owns. Creditors still do not know sorry love cheap little things, but filled with sincerity, and deep or not?

Causation debt must be paid, no payment shall be paid greater consequences than a thousand times. But others returned without receipt then he must regret that all efforts and try not to be such desire. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, there is nothing I also think, just busy trying to do more gardening and wasted time.
There are a fool to sit writing these words, and can not send for children. But at heart he was relieved because of his emotional maturity. I want to repeat three words "I love you" know what. But doubt scared and told him that lie cents.
I want to say I remember when going to bed, I say fear not.
Although he did not say, but the words that he forever for me to win your own!

My heart, though small, yet to be secured very carefully, his eyes very bright, but will not allow any one other captured image, though small arms, but he can only hold my hand. And his feet but only short but you can walk along
I will wait and will hopefully until my heart reply with the consent satisfied

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