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Love him "rooster child"

Coming to a bachelor body was hard, love and understanding is a guy in the "rooster child" more difficult to bear part, if not extremely complicated. If you truly devoted love for him, please equip yourself with enough energy, and learn to face reality.
The following tips may be useful in situations this:

1. Read the guy's love for children

Find out how much time he spent caring, concern for the child. Through parent-child relationship of man, you will somehow see the future relationship between you and him. As a father, he would have to put the child at heart. If reality is not like that, you should rethink whether you should continue dating him or not.

2. Sharing her time with the boy

You ask yourself whether you have the guts to face when working on a deeply committed relationship with him or not. There may be times when he must be wrong because you missed an appointment with a promise to you. Please understand and accept it happily, he will appreciate and love you more if you make it.

3. Facilitate integration friendly people
should be open and flexible. If an appointment for dinner together, but he suddenly reappears with you, you should also flexible to accept changes of this program. You need to show kindness, considered it an opportunity for you and the kids chat with each other and new friendships.

4. Mindful of the old man
You should understand that the guy's ex-wife is still more or less involved in the lives of common men because they have cubs. Be careful and do not rush beyond its role in the lives of the kids. However, when we need you to help her, try hard to support. Do not worry that their mother because of your presence in the lives of her children.

5. Patience to learn the boy when the occasion

your kids learn while they also view your affection for them is. Initially, do not expect that the son of man that will love you just be patient with the spirit of creating every day a little boy. Over time, then you will see the love between you and them up very natural process.

6. Let him teach or discipline children
You should avoid direct criticism, criticized what kids do. Let him scold yourself or discipline when he fouled. If the guys ask, you also need to be careful when raising their thoughts. Should only recommend gently, delicately until all have sympathy for each other.

7. Assessing the overall situation
If you have a serious intent to move forward with him, find out if he has no intention to have more children, to see him be able to meet the needs later your life or not, when he also must afford the child care responsibilities.

In summary, if you find it difficult to withstand in the long run, you should think about water early withdrawal, because living with a stepchild who has required the woman to actually have the energy and heart.

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