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Love the color!

Between the cold night, I suddenly woke up. I wake up because my eyes have a touch lips tenderly. The dream of my first love since the split first love. Can not sleep, I listen to your favorite music on "Love is blue". For a long time, I sit here wander new things to think about eternal love of man: love. This time, I know what love is color!

your legs are still touching the ground, my head is not up to the sky hole but I still believe that the desire and : Just to have someone you love, only interest and not so happy. Sometimes think, do not need to be answered just by themselves are enough people in love. That is how I nurture hope in love. Classic style and love endured, but not sacrifice or unhappiness.

Love for me died vong.Cuoc first love was a thing of the past. Over four years have thought the wound healing time because sometimes I still feel pain while alone the opposite of loneliness or someone touching memories. Or when rational assessment in children and carried them back questions, doubts. But what the answer is more important. So learn to do. Although I can not understand what has happened but for now I'll always relaxed with your decision. I do not love people. Who also had families. People always wish happiness and the fact that they have, are, will live well and be very happy when no one beside.

I used to cry a lot for her love but believe tears have a reason for it. Not because you were too sensitive, but because I love with all my heart honesty. I cry when I feel hurt and when you happy. I always philosophy that "For love is life but life is not only happiness and joy it has both pain and injury." But because life is difficult, hard and unfortunate that people continue to brave new hope good things will come and pain will eventually go through. When you have time to look back, a new calm and realized that things are not real bad and horrible as I thought. Who knows, without it, I lose a great opportunity that is so. When a relationship is over, which means love is not dead end only.

Love her to know it can revive and heal her wounds
very worried because until now he does not see you bring home debut. I have not seen anything in to their husbands, also did not see me impatient. Friends tell say to say I was picky or fussy. I then defended themselves, just not seen by him alone. Sometimes you that such neglect that, then you excuse me, the more correctly. If you're unlucky in life do not meet someone you really love your sincerity and love, I want to become a single mother. I tell you that, stunned mother. Good Lord my child. Why are you think? No matter what, a family with a full and complete parental à son is better. The concept that mother! Life of the world and has endured every hardship to do so.
Love to show you a stormy and challenges to be overcome if you want it to grow and robust.
Tonight, I received a message do not get any fun. I have a friend a little bit special. "She damaged her eye. One time I gave you was a red bag and said, "You do not know for sure I like the red right? But be free to think about it your way. Some people say it is the color of luck and many argue that it is the color of love. I hope this bag will keep the love, hope and joy in your life journey. What color is it right for you. "
You love a handicapped girl and her energetic love always makes everyone afraid to look around, worried. Some people do not think it was love but do not call a third alternative. Love can be reasonable? I do not put feelings on the table should never bitter and you hate it. So I do not want it to sound as this.

Fate, yes that should be called that, has relentlessly refused to give her other disabilities a chance to be healed physically, more normal. You know, pain, despair is not the only one who is suffering.
Love to see you this statement is true: "Love, not a box for people who love going to rain. Love, that is going in the rain with someone you love. "
The dawn will come and my heart can not play im stayed quiet or quiet sleep forever. And now, the darkness, you know what love is color.

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