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Love child

I must say that is because kids love it when we start from 3 tuoi.Co people wondering what 3 years old, but remember, but we are still so many memories for me and until now gio.Nha Tuan near each other, that day my mother is that you can not pick me up from kindergarten on through the mother should have taken me ve.Do Tuan is the first time we met after my mother nhau.Hom can pick me up like every day you did not ask her anymore, so that week for me: 'Mommy Quynh mother put on'. Of course at that answer is not right, he cried, it's funny when a 3 year old son do it.

And time goes by quickly, we've grown up together, a childhood peaceful happiness of the two dua.Khong know from time to time, we share with each other about everything in life and I know why you did at 3 years old she took me back asking about, then Tuan just lost my sister, her congenital heart disease such as engineering technology of modern Vietnam has not so he can not save the 5-month-old child, and then I appeared, Tuan consider me like you Your daughter did.

But I do not, I know his feelings for Tuan not merely a friend or brother, I loved Tuan, my first love. In Our 13 years of age, that day, the day I can not forget, I have decided to talk to Tuan said his feelings, I wrote him a letter for you, but expressed sadness that I have hidden in my heart from lau.Thu sent without seeing Tuan reply, I wrote two letters, too, for the three letters, he wrote back and we become a couple since then, her red flag and his deputy class dong.Sau TB cases every hour break we walk together on the way home, the way rop canopy of the tree with purple prism, Tuan once I picked a flower in the villages but I did not notice because I think in the villages at that symbolize friendship that I do not want to do that, think back about it that makes me feel stupid because Tuan did not know the meaning of flowers so beautiful that it just gave me my share thoi.Chung a hobby that is badminton, in fact for weeks that I learned to play it, which I do not like sports very much, on the field when we are eating a couple in mind.

love the old school game that was not how long, I discovered my mother and Tuan like each other and prohibit me, she tore off the letter we wrote to each other, I understand why my parents do not blame her and I do not write for weeks, I can not explain why, in fact there are many times I wanted to tell you but he does not understand why I can not quit duoc.Tuan also angry with me since then, we classmates, but still regarded each other as strangers, as do not know, but I still watch it because you my love for Tuan remains as before, but changing the way Tuan, diminishing learning resources , she was known for the title of the hotboy especially when he won the first prize badminton competition annually held by the School, you dream that has been made on the old Tuan hien.Va not that I know, I was saddened by it.

School grade 9, my family moved to Austria by settlers, not a word we biet.Sang a new country after all the My initial thought was quickly integrate with the Western lifestyle, and I've met many people but none more than 3 months I love both, I do not know why, because first love do u? I still keep in touch with several friends in Vietnam, two years after I left, Tuan to Australia to study, I also just heard from friends and no further information about Tuan.
8 years later, I returned to Vietnam, was a long time, I went back to the old and familiar path, the path lined by trees in the villages every day we have traveled, although landscape has now changed a lot but the trees in the villages are still there, as was mentioned in a romance qua.Toi a wandering alone on the path of memories, suddenly I realized there is a person like me , holding a flower in the villages, it is Tuan, I still recognize faces that we recognize each other after 8 years away from cach.Ca two things with a smile and started to like since we were 3 age.

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