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Love chemistry

15 years, people have not thought much about the" romance ", but there are those who break that rule. Eric is an example.

We just know each other by saying "Hello" when accidentally met, from the schoolyard to the corridor. In class, we were seated next to each other, because they are our beginning with the letter D.

only so, but after a few months, public opinion about the love between me and Eric started spread like race. I love Eric, but I do not know Eric has ever loved me. So I sat waiting, think about whether you should answer "yes" or "no" if he told me the phrase "fate" thing.

Students who did not know it not much money, and saying "I love you" written on stage is much simpler, and cheaper than a box of chocolates or a bouquet.
Finally, one morning, when I just stepped off the school bus, Eric thrusting a piece of paper in my hand and ran away. Not a saying, if only whispered. I opened the paper carefully peel candy as a child and read:
- Dear Cindy! I have a very from this trouble! It is about people that I like. You try to see if services are not civil servants ..."
Following are some figures: "39 - 8-92"
Nothing that a few numbers. I am very confused! But the bell rang and I had to run right into the classroom.

Day after day, I'm just obsessed with the fact that I do not know anything about some monster numbers.
How sad, I still have to study chemistry, a subject that I hate most. But Eric is very super. The teacher told the atomic weight of Oxygen is 8. Eight à ... It reminds me of one of the three numbers that Eric wrote. Did he use the numbers to challenge my chemical ... I went to find the periodic table. The first number: 39 is "Y" (symbol for the element yttrium). Maybe so. Oxygen - the symbol "O", the letter Monday. 3rd letter is "U" - notation element uranium. Y - O - u! I ... Yes, me!

Eric is a smart boy. When I realized what he wrote, before writing the answer, I must go home to calm down cleansing. To ensure that every detail of "hidden from" will live in my heart, as long as I live.


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