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Love Again

must tell me how to listen? I do not bring more to love ...! Kiss me like a miracle let me know love again, for the night without you miss you sit, keep your eyes shut his eyes when he filled in for you.

you now are in the dream, which he and you. Tonight I sit here again with her, he wanted to be adjacent to the children watching the stars, so the light shines on two other stars have, for the stars not sad because I am lonely. England close to me whispered in my ear I love you sweet heart to beat faster, to face blushing, and so we came together. Although he does not put you hands wipe tears fall, though he could not hug me inside the heart, although he does not kiss on the lips and wished me good night.

Although he did not himself show affection for you on 14/02, although he did not say I miss you. But I still feel he is the man who gives me the feeling of peace, and he was the one who let me know love again. Here I can not wait for time to do away forever with you, to date not passed. Every rainy night I reminded him, for he heard the phone call is more melancholic tone. So then I did not say anything just silence and tears, he'd be inside listening to my breath away every night. Wants his side to himself in the kitchen cooking him something he wanted to eat. Adjacent whenever he wants me sad, whenever he pleased, or simply when he feels lonely.

I wish I was there for the stars overhead at night you can see I, know I do, I know how to dispel the memory of my leg was. Many nights my heart feel lonely tears spill mi back, he would be adjacent to you is based on the shoulder of the person you wish to remember. How do you understand "her daughter says there is not, says there is no"? How do you know how much you love me? I was crying when he writes about, as I remember about him. Although he is always with you, but about to lose his sense of always in my thoughts. I fear the day when a child is immersed in the sweet love the other, then he would be away from you. Then he will let go my hand out instead other hand, another person I feel I love him more. Then you have to cry a lot more, suffer more. You'll like it left me again.

I do not know why I keep thinking that way, perhaps because they fear losing him, losing the love that you are trying to cherish. He was the one who knows me feel love again. I'll never love again if he truly does not, he comes to me with sincere love and full of passion. Thanks! people you love, thank you all what he did for me. I hope you will read my thoughts, I hope that when I was angry at his insistence, he will follow you, you expect when you cry I will comfort you, when I'm sad I'll share with you. You're a fool her best this world again, or angry, or cry. I wanted to let him see you cry, so he can hear you confided to me he understood somewhat more. How to tell that he heard: "I love you"?

With everyone he would be nothing to me you are all, if you choose to love my life will choose his own life because he is my life. You will understand then it stopped raining, the party which then also disabled, any dream will then province. But I have written deep bottom of his heart will love you and only you forever. I know how to and do not need reasons, just his dream come to you through it. Wish peace for him, and I will cherish your love is there, I'll always love you. He is my life!


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