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Losses in the eyes

You guys already own heart. But careful, you can still lose points in the eyes if the following actions:

1 - Treat him as office supplies own property: He also has work, family, relatives and many other concerns of individual men anymore. You can not have guys that want to closely manage and control all the 24/24 schedule he was. It speaks only of weakness and lack of trust in your relationship of two people only.

2 - is a little bit angry: angry is inherently a personal privilege of women, but you should never abuse it. If you know that the angry words would be a good condiment for love. Left hand, you too will abuse it even counterproductive. 15 minutes late for him, angry. He forgot the message to wish you sleep well, angry.

He ordering inconsistent with their preferences, angry. He did not even hear the machine when you call him, angry. Be careful, you are becoming an ugly urchin ruffled feathers there. That he only loves kittens docile alone my friend.

3 - constantly asking: "Do you love me?". What the "know, hard to do, ask him" will it make him angry. Men do not like what a lot of words. They often want to express their emotions through action and work in more detail.

4 - Turn yourself into a "salamanders" on the form: You link to change their dress style because he wanted to be very impressed and love you more and more! Wrong to sisters! He loves you because you are your own body. Be confident in what I have been there. Not only is your guy for that one day she just preferred to dress and dance away by car are even more complicated there.

5 - Talking too much: Men usually like girls soft and feminine. Nobody went like a parrot or even a loudspeaker. Speak less and listen to him only more of you.

6 - The attention to the guy's pocket: to keep a relationship good feelings then the money should not interfere. Furthermore, you are just lovers, but there must have been the wife of the man enough to control income and expenditure of guy. Careful, or you'll be a guy for just being pragmatic or emotional abuse of men only.

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