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"In looking for me, as you focus"

- Chi Anh always haunt everyone in the class just looked at it as an eccentric girl and nothing remarkable ... It's sad. Until one day, a guy yelling in my ear it, "In my heart I'm, you're a focus ..."

- eyebrow
- Hey?
- Tao ... bored!
- Uh! ...

- You!
- Hey?
- Tao ... bored!
- Uh ...

- Eh!
- Hey?
- Tao ... bored!
- Uh.
- There is no reason you can not speak to me any kind than the sentence?
- So you want me to say?
- Something ...
- then I say, "Uh." You just say you're bored, then sure I know what to say?
- Uh interesting! - Chi He shook his head, laughing except.
Kien horizontally sky and sighed:
- Daughter really confusing! Never say it but just want others to understand you!
- But I'm not a girl! I have a half-son!

Criteria for human eyes to you.
- Then I announced that son!
- Uh. Consistent laughs.

Silence ...

In fact, he said no need Chi Kien also vaguely understand why British Sub sad. The day before, your new class, a girl from the south moved to the distant, named Van. Yun also said that from striking how. Not only because she is the other name, pretty, good student, but also because of her new friends very sociable and knows how to ingratiate himself with others.

It is quite sensitive Anh. Her parents divorced. It lived with since childhood nanny, emotional deprivation. Love how it's powerful, rebellious exteriors, defiant and another person. In class, Chi I just talk to each his Kien. Other people usually only find it when they need to request a favor, it is easy to understand why only I do not like having someone to be around people, chanting.

- Tao you selfish is not it? - Chi he asked.

- ... I do not think so.

- Self recreate that. I am not happy then I do not want someone happier than me. So what's selfish?

- Instinct's it! People who do not are a bit selfish.

- But then I'm not a bit ..

- Then a little more than a little. Or you just think. More optimistic! You're so old there will be blood!

- From little old Tao you sir!

- You level too! I lost!

Details ... activities, class president cheer on launching new games: 'A1' s focus. "

- the class each took out a piece of paper, write the name of someone you think deserves the "A1 's focus" nhé! Note: Do not lump in my name! People started to go, 15 minutes, we will vote count.

Chi He laughed softly. He thought "Needless to elect the most well known and Van." It's the white vote. Hesitated, Chi He turned a weekly look around the classroom. Consistently done long ago, it looked up and smiled Anh. He turned up spending time shaking his head: "I think back to the van alone."

Finally, the class president urged the class to pay bills, Chi Anh biting pen and writes the name in Kien. Voting committee began work. Layer of buzz to the sound of small talk:

- Vote for who? Van huh?
- Uh! But he?
- Also
- ... Still ... Still ... So ....

Chi Anh pursed lips, it's eyes, ears back. "No one is voting for the van." It was sad. Finally, the voting committee also works completed. Class president loudly to read the votes that each person receives. Van headed.

- Know that! - Chi Anh quietly. I'm sure the mo 0 votes too!

But no. Chi I was surprised when it receives a vote.

- Who's that? Chi I wondered. There's probably ... Kien? But Van Kien vote for that?

He shook his head. "Shelf, tick anyway." It backs on the ceiling, sigh. ...

Hours to play, running on the 3rd floor looking Kien Anh. Has stairs to the gate, it was found on the sub-seat railing protruding blowing soap bubbles. Consistently crept closer to put his arms around your children.

- You're sitting like this, but she shall have charge of seeing that "I only know quiet listening Her extensive language. " Why risk it? Fall, why?

- Falling stars, but more fun? I was dead and one wounded mind.

- You do not have to go so pessimistic! What is death? You die then I'm playing with?

- With Van!

- Hogwash! Who told you that?

- I think so!

- Miscellaneous! Liu dirty! Unrealistic!

- But reality! Van is "A1 's focus" that!

- ...

- ... Really real talk! I think you do not have to be most prominent in the first large group! I like this, just his eyes really stand out in a single person is.

- Uh, you are most prominent in the eyes of someone. Also, nobody I think stand out. (Just as the eccentric, the other person only)

- Yes! There is a huh!

- Maybe someone should do so only pity!

- You do not impose such thoughts away! That person is you truly stand for it!

- Why you so sure? You can be the first person!


- Sub-British! ... I know you're emotional deprivation ... but not so that I pity you. You must believe that you stand out! That vote is from me ... because in the eyes of me, and me in the heart, you're a "Focus "!!!

Chi He was startled. And if there are no arms Kien, it would surely fall from 3rd floor stalked shrimp and ground floor. He stammered Sub:

- You're ... you ... just say?

- Tao said: "In my heart I'm, you're a FOCUS"!

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