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Lonely night I miss you!

"We're far apart River mile long mountain
only as a white belt worn off fatigue cauldron
I have not looked at the moon and have heard him call
There is a corner who love the sea horizon. "

How long it tonight with my generation, it's heavy, it the slow drift. First time away from home I feel lonely, lost between the lines of life, immense sadness. Images hide who I love to get out is like playing with me. I closed my eyes she is out, I opened my eyes she disappeared. I will not sleep again so I can not play me, I will wait on a new formula, a day like any other day. I'll kiss you welcome it, carry me up with cute sleepy English
I'm wondering what's going on, a reasonable nightmare. My dearest, you told me I was erratic, who love you through it, it will never be me. I will wait until morning to you again is mine, love me, waiting for me. I wish this night is just erratic that in you, I still trust him self to me laugh, love life again and do not stray far away between the lines.

I am here, sitting here, a faraway country and the lack of shadow. But you said you always by my side, my shadow is always watching over my life. Throughout time, from my distant country, far away from me, I always feel you inside my silhouette. But tonight it away from me, to my helpless guest land where native people. I do not accept that, and I awake, I awake at night thinking about you, so your images do not leave me, do I have you by my side forever.

My dearest !
Maybe other people think I'm this, I'm the other. But I ignore it, simply because I love you. I admit I love you too, for the first time in my life, ignorance, my long day before me. I still could not feel my life will be like when you do not take the ball to me. The dreams, the dreams of our lives, the children loved you and me.

I keep waiting for it, strive for it and work towards it. Tonight, let it be a dream of me ok. It will go through tomorrow for me and I will again walk the path of life, the way me and you. Over all, I always wanted to say "I love you and only myself."
By Cao_ba_vuong

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