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Little Writers

After a car accident, the doctor said the boy Alex will be permanently paralyzed from the neck down. And to maintain life, you need to be looked after entirely, moving to a wheelchair and using a snorkel.

Alex was transferred to our hospital for tiger support restoration of function by means of psychology. Previously, Alex was a giddy hyperactive boys,, like running and jumping like kids the same age. Now, the boy lying motionless in bed, looking like a little angel with the moon high, black hair and blue eyes branch chasms.

- Alex, - One day, I gently opening words - "I like to listen to stories without paying?
not say anything, Alex nods silently.

A long time ago, someone sells hats. One day, he was sleeping under a tree along the forest.
I started telling him a story of this familiar folk, both illustrated by hand, my foot is squeezed, as hard as he pretended to sleep lao.
- ... When awake, the hat had turned his off. Turns out the monkeys in the trees had stolen the hat when he slept, then each child wears a top hat ...
I pretend it, pounded standstill, angry fist in the flood zone imagine monkeys:
- the other monkeys and payment back to me quick hats!
While the story, I noticed looking at Alex. The boy enjoyed tracking your gestures and facial expressions of me. Twice, I saw him as the uneven machine want to say something. When I suggested telling a different story, Alex nodded gently.
- Alex, the story called The Bear Family, I have heard before?
Alex nodded. I started counting:
- One day, mother bears are in the kitchen cooking ... - I stopped and looked at Alex. Boy your lips uneven:
- bean soup ... ...
I looked encouraging Alex:
- Yes, Mother Bear was cooking bean soup that I like most flood Bears . But cooked soup that is very new .... - I stopped, looked at Alex waiting. Working day ie, Alex continues:
- hot .....
So on, both of us together to tell stories. I know that it's very good for Alex, because when he used his windpipe to pronounce, the lung activity for oxygen. Lovely lips curved circular said each hour:
- Daddy Bear (Alex breathing vapor) and Mother Bear ... The Bears led ... go out in the woods.

This is a feat that made Alex to the hospital after telling the rest of a sentence. His mother laughed to tears out of happiness. The first time she heard the voice of Alex since his accident.

Every day, I have to tell Alex how much and the same is the story, from tales to myths or adventure. Pronounced ability to chop a little increase dramatically over time. He was able to tell an entire story with a clear voice. few doctors and nurses also spend time really enjoy listening and commenting on each story of Alex.

One day, when I prepared to leave the sick room of Alex, boy excitedly said:
- Note Michael, I heard comments like telling a story?
I stopped, he came to the bed:
- Of course, I told uncle heard What!
Alex seems to whisper secrets:
- notes not heard this story before, because it just came to mind I know! - Then he began:
- A long time ago ....
I suddenly had the idea of ​​this story will be written by Alex, so hurry to get paper and pen. and so each day, Alex imagine telling a story and we listened. I discovered the boy's imagination is rich, as a writer born so.

Two months later, Alex hospital. Everyone in the hospital have to say goodbye to him this smart and lovely. I put in the hands of Alex Pamphlet contains all the stories he told that I recorded:
- Alex, I have become a writer, a writer who really know! This is a work of children!
Uncle Really? - Alex smile real big, her eyes lit up the sparkling lights.

Alex is lying still in a wheelchair, but he has really made miracles when he was not detained the motionless body on her body. Alex was able to fly away, put your imagination to a world of beauty, peace and soul of the tale.

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