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Limit of Love

love has its limits. Actually, love is an incredibly risky investment, a failure will inevitably hurt. So when a new request at least you will have to remember the limits of love.
human life must not only love once and did not just love someone, but only once a successful request for it. Love is an important sense, the process we also need to remember is not to his lost love lost that spirit.
1. Do not lose yourself
You so that the love that two people will turn into an offline. But when love is most intense, most beautiful, you will have the feeling that two people with completely different personalities, but together make a peace. And so you've forgotten it all myself because life enemies. However, you must know that your ego is the most basic reasons for the appeal, to love your enemy.

2. Do not leave your friends
One love Beauty is love is built on the basis of friendship dearly. If love is the foundation of friendship is good, if not love, two strangers who would not like people who only love can break her. Let alone your friends is the best platform to help you maintain a good career, and is also your chance to get a new love after breaking up with her boyfriend.

3. Not to appeal his time
Do not forget the love that the groom dress, makeup for myself. Do not forget the love that all the actions, words which have a long history of their own. All of this is the basis for your appeal, there is no longer attractive, the love will slowly leave you.

4. Do not let yourself lose control of assets
Money is not universal, but not money, can not do anything well. In today's economic society, you can not lose the basic right of his existence.
assets are family name-your spouse, Your benefits are not reflected in the papers. When love is lost, you have nothing at all. So you need to remember that the common property, it is necessary to indicate that overall, it is something that will hold your happiness.
5. Do not forget your health
Health source of wealth and health is the greatest happiness in your life. If you want to taste the forbidden fruit before marriage, you also have to wear a condom on, because you need to know that every time an abortion is dangerous to your health. Do not let the body and then feel the decline is health important to what extent.
also need to remember that men are paying attention to virginity of the girl, not so smart about a wild three years and then have happened to this uneasiness.
6. Do not forget the emotional gut blood clearance

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