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Life, love and paradox

As a child, I wish I could most quickly to the freedom of time, can earn money to support themselves or help their families.
But even if it goes away, her mind so much about his childhood, we want to be small to live and impartiality, do not worry, you plan, to be playing with you friends, is sheltered within parents' hands.

At what age is covered and the prop, we want to be stronger to stand. And then at the age we must be strong to face life, we see life can be pushed at any time if you do not have at least one fulcrum.

In the old school students, should have spent more time with friends than lovers, we again considered as an important part indispensable. Accept the loss of friends to keep a kind of love is not ripe. Later when married should have to spend time with his wife and children there all day the men gathered friends in pubs. Clapperclaw acceptable if not for his wife drunk with friends.

love at the age of 98% of students do not have the results later, so do not see someone all your life. Love when ripe is the most important thing because we will live our lives with love, life can not be friends with us because they also have their own lives.
As yet there are things you want, we will dream and work hard to achieve it. And then when it is a cinch, and we felt bored at some point we accidentally lose something before we expect to get. Weird thing is when it goes sorry we see realized the value of what has just lost. Then we again wish to retrieve it, and when I regained it again bored.

In love, if you love someone, or try the person. And when it belongs to you, please respect and preserve. Because love is not an item that is easily lost when recovered. And if you are lucky enough to have it in your heart that person has an existing wound healing.

I usually spend more time to recall the past with where things are not, think about someone who is not sure people have thought of me. I used to care and help a young friend fairly weak and cry, but when I need someone to share the little you had a new joy and I quickly forgot. Then someone always thinks of me more than I think about him, have friends who treat me well, always there when I needed to confide in, and always ask to help me even though I do not for them so much.

You will choose who loves you or someone you love? We will not have to be happy if someone does not love her and wait for someone you love will come to you. However, if you want to be happy, do we not try to love people who love her? Nor should try, if he really loves us, will try to bring happiness for us, so they come at some point we will feel loved him.

Love often do we take away the pain and many tears, but we can not live without it. Because there will be moments of happiness and memorable that love brings to us.

Life is suffering, to escape from the sufferings of worldly existence. But people still prefer to live life like a normal person, they do not like a monk to not suffer. Because we want happiness, so if we do not close for suffering to happiness will in any way with?

In fear of losing someone, but we ourselves do not hold, we want him back but pushed the pride that goes further.

I made the paradoxes in life.

There is a paradox that we live a life with so many paradoxes, but we still love and forgive set for life.

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