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Andy was eight years old but suffering from a braided base incurable When being treated at a hospital, Andy received many letters sharing, comforting encouragement of friends and relatives. He respectfully and carefully preserve them as part of his life. But when Andy is discharged to the letter he said slowly. Perhaps people think the boy's illness was in remission, is not critical anymore.

But Andy was still hoping to receive letters as before. Wind does the same letters, took out the old card and the door looked like expect anything. Andy mother watched as the low aromatic heart. She knows he will not be able to prevent pain abuse their children in times of radiotherapy. Could not help me when the pain strikes. Love of a mother who urged her to do something for Andy ..... Andy So ​​the next day received a letter signed secret friend. Andy is extremely welcome, holding the letter show everyone. "You have mail nè mother!" He ran to the mother shouted, his eyes shining. Since then Andy is very interested in this new friend. His day also view messages and reply to messages very regularly. This secret lasted six months, when Andy died. Her mother had found the portrait painted by him, put on your bookshelf. Below the picture, Andy Title: "The body gave you the secrets of the child. I love you very much. Andy"

She also found an address list of friends in the familiar Andy opportunity to camp with children with serious diseases. So she decided to write to all those of you Andy. She had to wait very long after the new reply from a boy:

"Thank you letter from her. I do not think people still believe that you still alive. The letter was More fun for children living in these last days. "

Please take a moment to care, love, sharing or comforting someone. Sometimes, it is a source of invaluable resources to help them find their own, keep the faith and stronger.

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