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Letters show love cute

UK Dear
Do not know there way too sudden when I wrote to him. I do not know much about him, just because your heart a burning love abetted them to send him these words of liver intestine. So you know just eager to write it.
You sir!
I have read somewhere about the love affair that silence or whisper folk call each situation is pretty unilaterally. Indeed this day and who still love that dare not speak the truth I say to them very much. You deserve them celebrities, I mean students do not like celebrities so I had going and penning his heart to him.

I love the body!
User Frankly, right from the first moment I met him was impressed, not necessarily because the two of us are lonely in a group sometimes you have to sing karaoke stage where, nor were they attracted by the smooth vocals of the songs he posts "Trade of silk roses together, and certainly not as children seeking sex that looks like him, although one would have to admit he was handsome and full area.
also be needed, how do you pay attention to you? Maybe because I have my heart felt all right when it is voluntarily regulate beating with my heart. Just as it seems that somewhere there is in tune with us. I also had a love that dare not speak, so that when "they" get away from his wife and new child or day and he liked her but did not see any response signal, and besides he must go away again without any attachment motivated again ...
Did not matter he said that day that 's a pity you do because of missed opportunities of his life. So, now I will not relapse again. I promised my heart when I meet someone and feel the love match will never miss, and I also remember his "fish gap" that profoundly grateful, because he has give me lessons on the need to openly admit his feelings in time and on time.
I find no error. Since ancient times when God created human heart has no eyes for it, as well as to all work must be felt from the bottom of my heart, not on the table need to fear being cold, plotting. And I really hope that he also confirmed the expression like, "they say that love is love, not love, then say something to finish."
Quotations have the answer: "I only regret that people have said but little remorse for his silence, "but in my love is so contrary, no one shall take you to give affection to other people send. Besides, you lose nothing if you ask. Course will be much more than losing.

I welcome awaiting his answer. If he loved and in love with you then that is great, we will begin to phase out, they will create conditions and opportunities for his first show love.
If you do not love you, I will tell you so you also know the next direction for the way his heart out to harness, "fortune" to see who the other "love" or "not love" her. Everything will be so much easier.
If he says he is your child but he has a girlfriend then I also thank him frankly say to you that inconvenient truth. I'll be sad for a day later and then only, will smile because you also have at least honest with me, express thoughts, feelings. And I will awake to find a wide alley, a street light that came up, not pushing a narrow alley, washed into a street only for two people to read.

I no fear of reputations "pile to find buffalo" because according to them, love is not at fault, the heart is not guilty, given the right to send it anywhere, then it is important to consider whether it is suitable.
And finally I would like to tell you the most important thing in this letter. I love you!

"According to Reuters,"

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