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Letter to the Princess

How many times have you promised yourself to me again and promised that the UK will not miss you anymore, do not call or message me. So he can do what, it's hard for me.
When someone is asking you to start to forget who they forgot to even know that it is completely beside themselves. But if it is simple in this world where one must suffer because of love, there are people who just go bother someone else, there are those who have silently endured the sadness that perhaps in their lifetime will not be forgotten .....
Baby! why he should want to know what they are doing now, I do not care? whether or not sick? because sometimes I still get sick, she did not work stable? Having trouble or not, my parents well? ... So many things I want to know about me when he is not near you. Too bad he was, the curiosity he has always won everything, but I'm curious can not do anything harm anyone, as long as I know I should stop what is the right time. Beep me the other day I see it is not in coverage? Just listen to the music that is ... .. But it turned out to be still in contact, he smiles on the lips, his heart beating for fear that they will start the machine, hence he was probably not allowed to do so again, but only heard as that music is his peace of mind that you may go far. At least in my heart.

Even still know you're next to someone else. Sometimes he thought to himself: "Do you hate me again?" I just got a little world of my concern to him, or is thinking is more than enough but it is too difficult for children is not it me?, I do not want to give him a little hope any of you all, I hope you hate me as much as possible, so I think that would be better and I'll forget you but with me then it very difficult: the more hate you then I love and miss you more and more. How many times have you, and I cry a lot now. And there are times when I'm angry because why he decided to so, but, ... etc ... but he was not angry with me for long because she was really lovely to me. In his anger at you, then I think good things about you that he is all mad at me. I do not know why that again ... But I only know one thing that is "love" really. From front to the world he does not cry about anything, he thought to himself that he is very tough, but the day i met you, no two kids are sitting, just standing chatting, not standing in the home that only the eaves , while it was raining again, I cried, cried so much anymore. Maybe that's what people hidden in me, I do not tolerate it anymore and have erupted. At that time I think of everything around it not for him anymore, it stopped. A pain so hard to describe f à! Hic. Now hold you in my heart, I only knew then hold you tight I just want to be happy and be with you forever.

I understand that at first glance to think of me also feels like you but I do not speak out because I do not want anything you do to me hope. I know our love still exists rong heart of each person, I understand now I can not by his side. But I wish he was on any side but I know I do not like that, I just want you to forget you as soon as possible to grieve for him from me. E heartless know you real? I've been told I do not IM, do not call me anymore. When I need you, need you more than ever, but why are calm, quiet as if nothing has happened all that. He was the first person I love, love most in this life. But now I go along to others you remember me? E is not really fun eh ?...... I But for me it's slightly different, but they are the ones you love most in this life. That is the truth of his words. E century, and not less so ... weak. Sorry for him, thinking he might be wrong about e. But I really just want to be ... .. I think going back for me? "Smile for daring to accept yourself as a jerk. Cry to accept myself as a sentimental person. Let's hear your heart to accept the eye Miu. Let's expose feelings is to accept his own people. Put your dreams before the sun clouds to welcome desperate raillery. Be it love knows no love like that again a second time. Be brave to face the difficulties and then daring to take risks. But the need was desperate because nghuy worst act of life is without risk. If one does not risk nothing, do nothing and nothing? "How you? Method has the temerity not? I'll use it as the motto of his life in everything. His Princess Wish you luck always. A will give all the luck and happiness for his princess.

White Horse Prince


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