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Letter to my love!

I do not know where to start and how to write anymore, really I wanted to write a letter to me, a letter to say what you all think, a message to you is to understand him better and above all to a letter he expressed all his feelings for children.
I love!
2 months 14 days which is the period from the day they set foot on this land, a country totally back to me, a place where I am sure that your thoughts are never fixed that he would close four years after graduation. But all was not true, is it the fate that is, they chose this land of Hai Phong to stick to his health as they choose so. Is he "thought out" do not you think so, the fact that he had thought from the moment he saw you at the bus station Cau Rao.

Meet me since I was in Hue, is in the same Accommodation ranges, the food, the final say but I can not imagine that his brother later had such grace. Of course the Coast is only a duplicate or something good luck to the knowledge of him, but the effort and determination to decide. But can not say he was not "lucky" to be.

I got you, what a good imagination as he never dreamed was possible. The presence of children has completely changed his life other. He had lived in sorrow and disappointment, the illusion of a better life from the past love has made him too down. I can not imagine that our lives have been so, why someone like him confident there are times like the word. It is true that life is hard to say.

Many times he wanted to "choose the college" to get rid of someone suffering the scene, but the stars that are hard, then he was indeed very difficult forget her. People he is quite noisy but also very introspective and emotional life. This sometimes makes him very hard. He had to work on a dead end but hang with friends, but finally made him forget all the sadness. I do not know how I'll see you again if not, just to see you I know that this world a girl can really make you vibrate, this wonderful woman can change your life and bring her back to Phuc as before.

I did not ask any questions or anything, I do not wonder about his past, so you ... wonderful, I never thought that this world has a daughter so great, does not he have misunderstood her daughter, or daughter is so new that only you right? With his new child, only that's all, if someone asked why he will be proud to say that it was because ... I love you there. Why he can not say that yes, the things you do, but think of the children and both his eyes looked at him again, has said it all. I loved him and I know that love is powerful. Your love is not noisy, but unobtrusive as he silently as the waves quietly underground can book all Phang if encountered. He is very proud and happy about that.

Many still remembered when he thought I must do something to deserve that love. Obviously he loves me but not just saying that to do. I love you, he must do it to me to be happy. There are times when he sat with me sad for yourself too. 27 years old but he is only this, he has no home, no family, more money away. What he has just a job, a status only. I do not know when there are new enough to take care of me here. You know what I need is a life with his family, children and a happy life, reunion, but, as a man but he had concerns.

The - Darling!

These days are the days he lived in sadness, the departure of his Royal and I do see him again so down, so that his life carving too harsh. Actually he has lost all confidence. What he most happy over the last conversation that was her. I did not abandon me at any time. I have been with you all the time he hurts it helps confirm that they really necessary for his life and he will not be without you. I hope that we will try to understand each other better, understand each other better because we loved each other. Will be much work to do but if teamwork we will overcome. I'll have much more confidence before the storm of life. We will when we are together
The Oh! I love you more!

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