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Letter I never sent

I do not care whether it's somewhere but I'm still holding my hand right?

Baby, maybe this time he saw his children really strange, so different. In the depths of my heart a flame exists. Although only a small fire, but he found it very warm, strong and bright cold around my heart. And more importantly, the fire was waiting to pull a warm wind to blow broke up, dispel cold space where your heart
And ... if he is to wind it?
He was not sure, but I have a second ... that is "faith." He believes in our own tomorrow, I believe he is thinking and plans, believe in what you are doing and most importantly it's ... I believe you!

Distance ahead tough, really hard for me, right? Price as it is measured in kilometers, furniture ge know what is good? Because of this, he can pass through their own efforts, though his legs hurt, people are tired, but I'm still happy, because he knew it was the destination.

But. .. go the way we survive I really it? It is created by you and me, by the world around them ... and what I fear most is not he can pass or not but I have enough to take him to the end of the road?

The children at parties, I find myself not thinking think of something, not everything noise of life and especially dominant as he realizes that she is his true love.

Today I happened to read quotation "Usually we think of first love last love, but love the end we again feel like you love first."
I'm sorry.
Sorry I have not for the first kiss, what you supposed to enjoy because I have not ever loved anyone. But ... I'll give you everything he has, is and he is the future ... Most important is his love.

Baby, sometimes in his boyish eyes right? I know you think like that, but I'm this, I told you then know, I always wanted my soul is clear, fun to be with you. Knowing you well know deep in his soul a man always exists a child.

Much but I know he is the son, workload, career family ... Look, now he has what it? He calculated that it is not worth much, but I found most valuable assets are the human health and the wisdom he has, is not it?

The girl who does as he would This will be very hard after that, he has no home, he is an only child, my parents are not back off again, and he sometimes hot-tempered, rash ... as I said many bad habits are not acceptable. I also heard many defects it?
I will try to become a good man, I remember now, "good man" and not a perfect man where there! Because in life no one is perfect.

Maybe I asked him what is good man, right? According to his first thought was:
He must love me.
He brings happiness to me.
He gives me a feeling of secure, protected.
He makes friends, family, co-workers love me.
He is always doing things for me simply because I like people that worked there.
person concerned for the future, rather that foresight, speak up and do things that I'm not sure I could do.
Also ... and ... still so much more.
But ... The most important is ... who do you love that person.

It is just his trying to stop, and the rest of the way I feel, too it? Could you a notion about the good man, why?
And the one thing that will answer for you ... it is time.
Need some time for me to understand him.
Need some time for him to have feelings for him.
Need some time for children like him.
I need some time to trust him.
... and need some time to love you.

Baby, please hold my hand tightly then, though ...
front is deep.
front is pitfalls.
front is so sad.
front as rain, storms.
I do not care whether it's nowhere to go anymore but I still hold my hand right?
And please remember this is me my child, only one thing, remember me my "I Love You."

Good bye, see you on a sunny day ...

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