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Letter from Heaven

Sally rushed towards the emergency room doors to see inside the door open. Sally asked the doctor "What my son ... He will then okay ... I can see it right now! ..." The doctor replied softly

"I'm sorry, we did the best I can!"
Sally wonder with our hearts, "Why the kids can tolerate cancer, hardly even look at God them back. Lord, who where in the moment when her son needed a favor of people! "

The doctor replied beside Sally" Few more minutes would have put her to nurse the baby visits before we moved her away. "

Sally wanted to tell the nurse that she wanted now was to meet her little son to say goodbye to him before no occasion to see him again.
Sally quickly put his fingers up her hair longer confused. "She was ready to bring the hair covering is not ..." the nurse said. Sally hair quickly covered for visits to the top, just cover your hair done Sally said softly, "Jimmy was once thought to donate his body for university y. The boy sure like to have time to help someone, and that's what he wants. Answer My first is impossible, but Jimmy said to me "Mommy, I want to be useful even if I can not live anymore, can it will be for a boy girl What did you like me to have more time with your family life too! "

Sally said that" Jimmy is my boy has a heart of gold, he always thought to others, always wanted to help these people in a certain way when he can "step
Sally slowly slowly to room patients last after she had been on duty at this place more than 6 month net. She sat on the bed of the pick up Jimmy and Jimmy's toy into a bag. She was silent for a small portable bag on the bench of the car and slowly rolled.

Hospital back toward her as far as running away from the hospital only as a small dot thing. Sally never turned around to look, she feared her head and ran back to Jimmy again.
Sally drove home the hard way and almost more difficult when entering the house. A sense of emptiness makes Sally cold heart. She brought the toy bag from Jimmy's hospital on prevention measures and to display everything exactly as when Jimmy was still at home, car toy fire was to the corner shelf. Sally then sat down beside the bed collapse of Jimmy, hugging her pillow recording of Jimmy on the heart and the tears fell silently flush.

Sally woke around midnight and suddenly lying on the bed a letter fell out of a pillow. She picked it up and read
I know she will miss me, but I do not think I will ever forget the mother or child does not love her anymore, because even children no longer there to tell her I love her very much.
I always think about her every day and I always want to love you more each day. One day her mother with children will be together again. Mom, if Mom wants the kids just do not feel lonely and bored, I go to my room to her, for they're the toys I've ever played. Or if the mother brought the child's toys for a certain girl, she will not be able to play the toys of us boys, then you should buy her mother a doll or something toys that he loves you.

not sad when I think about her son then, this place was great. He and she would see me soon if you have to be here and run around looking at all the places, but really is not long anymore. The angels are very friendly and I would love to see them flying overhead.

Mother I love Jimmy's mother. "
When you lose someone and you think you've spent a lot of love for that person than it is for you, then when they lose, they will lose the most.
At some point you will be able to re- love it the way you love it, but no one will forever love him can you have love.

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