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Let 'read you' son

Who said only children new girls "profound considerate," said his son's verses are sometimes more implicit works!

He said: sad weekend, nothing exciting at all.

When you say this means he is "implied" do not ask if you have free time, can give him an appointment this weekend or not.

A direct invitation, if you refuse, he will be very afraid. Therefore he must be "near and far" that. Let's "green light" for him by suggesting questions such as: "You are invited to wait for someone that has not seen this ice cream."

He said: Maybe you have more "tail" so it?

This statement proves he is still carrying a little bit of "self" for romance with you there. You beautiful, prominent ..., and he wondered: "Will I be less competitive than those" ancient "her or not? Jobs "life" of what their results or not? ".

Psychology" inferiority complex "is sometimes made him afraid to show affection. And you need to do is care about him more, praise him more, to "reinforce confidence" for his nhé!

He said: He is very love my friends

Did he is: He wants to participate in the trip, along with your conversation and the "fish" for you. Meanwhile, he will have opportunity to learn about your way carefully, as well as a chance to "score points" with your friends. He hopes they will be the "rear" and help him in "a campaign pledge of" this.

He said: You and "he" still okay

Though he may know your role in that no "person", so is he still want to ask a sense of "verification" as such. Also, if you have EX, and he knows it, is to question him, he wants you to confirm clear about the end between the two. With him, it is a sign that you are ready to begin a new love, he was there!

He said: You're great!

This statement can be interpreted in so many ways: He wants to make your room smell ... a compliment, he was able to show that submarine, "I love you."

And, he is waiting for you is a compliment in return, proving that he was also "scored" in the heart of you!

It so fast, the next words ... he will be a confession! Sure is!

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