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Let's say I love it, do not say love forever ...

morning now, while her husband arranged an old letter, I happened to read a short poem by Jacques Prevert castigate her old friend, copy the message presented on a sheet printed with beautiful flowers. The poem in question is a mere two pages she puts squeeze in a full paper implies.

first page:
I am happy and free
As light
By yesterday he told me he loves me
The last sentence was pushed through the following:
He has not said that he
'll love me forever ...

When reading this poem twenty years ago, I felt it with a fresh mind. Now, life would have helped me look differently on the page of the poem has this stain.

Girl in the sensitive and delicate poetry, for not waiting until his people new love turned laments realize that freedom, "as light" is just one fragile liberties. Happiness "as light" is a happiness can be gone at any time.

But suppose the boy has said that "in love forever", or have promised hundreds of years go again ... who dared to assert your heart he will not change? If you ever read gadfly, would you still remember this paragraph: "Tying people are not promises. I felt just a passionate self with a certain thing, that is enough. "

In addition to" earnestly voluntary "that, nothing is binding on the human heart, so do not believe that someone will change forever. Also can not force someone to not change. World without weapons or the absolute power that could hold a heart when it was determined to turn exit. Whether it is a beauty, a deep love, memories deeply passionate. As not a weakness, dexterity, or seems smart sharp sweet, rich and pity ... The things that can hook one body, one mind ... but can not hook a heart .

heart is a creature which is fragile and lacks consistency. So please believe in goodness, kindness, the personality and ability ... but do not believe in the immutability of cognitive and emotional human beings. Please believe I loved this moment, but do not guarantee that you will be loved forever. If the subject leaves room for change, we will avoid many deeply hurt.

I do not trust the precious gift that we take for others. Because sometimes, the trust turned out to be a very ... unilateral and irresponsible. It is meant to muzzle the other person arrested, regardless of ability to change the human heart. Believed to shoulder the burden, regardless of who we are liable to get it or not. The identified issues or decisions not based on careful, sober, wise or sensitivity, tolerance of which we fully delegated to others. And if they change, often in the name of the trust which they have voluntarily sending their children to allow them the right graft charges.

But, anyone can sometimes change.

The change of others, especially in people loved us so much, sure made me hurt.
But remember that the military death after-show emotions often cold. As the hermit episode Urabe Kenko Toys Natural User wrote: "When am very familiar way, nothing separates suddenly one day do strangers and an unusual gesture, will inevitably be those who say," the other old stars that the other now? "Follow me, coldly proves that he is very decent and honest."

Finally there is the core of the new love, friendship and other primary relationship. Honesty, not a promise forever faithful. You can love or hate. Interested or not interested anymore. Just be honest, you will always serene.

I read it again a short poem on the old mail-sheet, and clearly feel the blame seems was very bitter sweet daughter. But at least the other girl in the poem knows that her lover was sincere, if not promise one thing that I'm not convinced. She knows the human heart is a complete freedom of creation, and a passionate moment happiness is not eternal promise.

You my dear She would also receive out that, so I wrote a pretty cute text messages on the page, a short line that I never forget:

"Just love it, do not say love forever."

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