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Let's say, before it's too late ...

story in a classroom. One day her teacher recommended that all students who enrolled in his class in their second paper, to a space between each two names. Then she told them think about interesting things, lovely thing they feel about each of their classmates and write thoughts in the space that, under the name of each person, in the 2 paper. After all finished, the students leave the classroom, each one a piece of paper in her hand, she held the other sheet.

Some days later, the teacher gives each student in the class a sheet of paper, write their name, in which copy all of your thoughts about them in class. The time after that, the air in the classroom filled with friendly smiles: "I did not know that I mean with that person to do," "I did not know that you liked her so." .. Then, no one recalls the story of the paper anymore. Then the class ended, teachers and students separated in both joy and so complete the course because apart conceptualist.

A few years later, one of the students This class is sacrificed in the war. The teacher attended the funeral. Since the split classes, she never once met a bad pupil numbers - Mark. Most former classmates also attended his funeral. They slowly walk around the coffin, one last look at the person you once attached to them. Teacher as well. When she stopped the deaths, a soldier - was the army of the dead, to her side, asked, "Is Mark's math teacher?". She responded, "Yes." The soldier said: "Mark talked a lot about her."

Mark After burial, the old friends gathered together his lunch. Mark's parents were also there, waiting for their teacher. "We want to let her see something" - said the father and gave her a look - "We found this in the Mark when it died. We think she could recognize it." Open the wallet out, his father carefully removed the paper, folded many times, the folds were worn, indicating it had been opened many times. No need to see those words on it, the teacher immediately recognize that the paper she had written down the good things that my classmates wrote about Mark. "Thank you very much for this job," Mark's mother said, "You see, Mark was very respect it." This time, the old friend Mark had gathered around them. Charlie smiled and embarrassment: "I also keep my paper. It is always in my desk drawer at home, just pull out as I can see it." Chuck's wife said, "Chuck asked me to put it in the book of our wedding album." Marilyn: "My paper is also here, it is always in my wallet."

Vicki record in her bags, took out the wallet and gave it to people to see her old paper: "This paper is always with me, since then. And I think that people we are like that. " Do not hold back emotions, the teacher sat slumped and crying. She cried for Mark, crying for his friends, because they'll never see me again ...

In every human life, these days it's hard meeting all, that we forget that life will end, someday. We know that no one can that day will come when. So, tell people who you love and care, that they are important, that they are something very special for you. Tell them, before it's too late. And do not forget that, you will reap the results of what you sow ...

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