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Let me know, I forget you have to start from where

How many times have questions that still ring forever, although he did leave me now. I still wonder why love me forever? Why do you it? Because I care about you. Simple is not it? Even simple things very small, very small. But for me, those things are great. Yet now it is just memories, they have to because you love me, and also go for that reason. I have changed is not me anymore, not trade him, even just small things like the old days. Maybe you never know where.

It is usually on his side when he felt the need of you. The days have passed away, he is lonely he alone, with the expectation they will return, simply that's all I ah, I just need you with me is okay, but ... only you and sadness. The times that he always buried in nostalgia, filled my heart, I did not dare to charge you, but I used to cry, he did not remember how many times you fall, based on her shoulders for crying on you then listen to it rebuke. Because it injured him, trade him for Foolish love gave to me. It's too bad is not it? But because he is too weak is not it?

I'm not brave enough to leave me, away from the love that stupid, though still know you love will suffer, but I do? When my heart you are all alone. He wanted to cry, want to run away, but keep running on my side, my heart used to exit and then my dear! Despite how many times my heart run away, run away from you, how many times do you it? He said goodbye. So that was how you go on you. Back to nostalgia, it makes me confused and helpless, as back to me.

Unhappy in nostalgia, when I know your love. First love too foolish not it? But in his heart, his thoughts that is forever love best. Despite how many times crying, running away many times. But I still thank you forever my love. Although they will not come back with me forever.

I have to thank my love for you!

I'm self lies your heart, live with children the real me my own, I always hope my words will always be honest, I always wished that one day we will go together, but maybe that's just silly thinking. Sometimes the thoughts he uttered the words: "You're crazy too, then we give you, the words of one end as the first time that you think will one day return." Is he too stupid to think not, right? He will never charge you even if you do not belong to him forever!

But I will not ever forget when his memories together ... I'll go and stay I wish to be happy with who you love ... I'll bring back what's mercy!

So we all pretty far apart vien.Da many times my heart want to cry , because his heart reminded me

Want to forget but there is no

image is not a memory of him forever

there an old love

not delete all traces of a love

By Kay

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