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Lessons on the grassland

One day, a teacher and his students sat under the trees off a large, wide grassland nearby. Students who suddenly asked: "You, sir," I feel confused in how to find your partner as you like. He can help e m reasonable? ".
Me after a while Silence said: "Well, quite difficult question but simply ..."

Students surprised:" That's why doctors eh? "He went

says: Look, the vast grasslands that. Now you out there, across it, but remember not to turn your head, just go straight to the front only. On the way I tried to look for the beautiful plants that are pulled up and took it to the teacher. Only one plant alone, not take lightly. Now, go away.

Students: was. Little change slightly.

Few minutes later ...

Students: I have about ...

Teacher: Yeah, but this , he did not see any beautiful grass on your hand as was done at all.

The practitioner: On the way, I see little trees as well as beautiful, but I think you have can find a more beautiful tree, so I did not choose. So on, and then you go to the end of grassland plants that were not selected at all. And because he advised not to go back so I had on hand.

Teacher: That's what happens in our lives.

* Grass - > The people around me.

* Beautiful Grass -> The attraction for you.

* grassland -> Time.

When searching for a man to live together for life, do not always compare with others and hope you will find the best person. Because of this, you will only lose precious time in your life, remember that "Time is never returned." Instead, people learn to accept her / him.

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