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Learn from people you have been dating

had an appointment that is not good at all! You will not spend time on what if you know how to learn from this appointment. Full cross human wealth. So please learn to know themselves better improve the next time or date in their current relationship, sisters!

Lesson 1: Dating a guy who talked about ex appointments in the first

In the first appointment was that he often talks about her ex-lover of his, which she is a selfish, narrow-minded, just think to myself or anything about her. How would you feel? A little bit uncomfortable, right? And you'll wonder if she is later when you are sure to date with another person will be brought to say this guy bad. So you let him out without even thinking, and hesitated long. Right?

You will learn: The only guy too. Therefore, you should never talk about the man before his first dating with her new boyfriend. If you guys have also asked to respond in light of the general reasons such as not speaking to each other and with other things. Let this issue in the next time you have two bodies and understand each other better. A man comes to sensitive issues will not know anymore if the opponent does not want to talk to.

Lesson 2: Dating a guy never dated any time within 10 years or more

Do not ever think to think you will live forever with this guy. Careful. This can be a challenge for your life, especially when you're full of enthusiasm and passion. Listen carefully to what is said in your heart. For men of this type can often be an expert of rational, economical and hard to accept something new in the life of man. He was afraid of risk.

You will learn: If you are a passionate, purposeful life and want a man with the encouragement, you will need to base a comprehensive and a known to overcome situations. But the fact that you will have very little chance that these guys like this. If so, you can choose not to see? These guys are typically not as low-key. He will be very happy to have a woman at the party to elect you.

Lesson 3: Dating with a guy wearing a waist pouch at the stomach, white shoes, jeans or classic wig ...

This is the guy failed to impress, especially in the first meeting. These guys have all sizes from thin to fat, bald from the hair to the diffusion, from low to high as this guy ... The guy is the lack of necessary skills in life to understand you are wants. He always cared for his appearance and his rarely interested in other people.

You will learn: Give him more opportunities, a few opportunities. Relaxation, depending on circumstances, you should find the hidden attractions is the guy. You can discover interesting things that he is a very intelligent, and gentle sense of humor ... You can also learn some fun stories of the men there.

Lesson 4: Dating someone does not know opened the door, or never say thank you

The guy is as real the makes you confused, especially when the guy does not realize his lack of sensitivity. Your makeup carefully, choose the best dress for the festival last year of the company. He came to pick you up by car. Arrived, instead of opening him right down, but he sat still leave you open and full of people standing before the gates. Until he realized hastily walked outside. You embarrassed the present nine.

You will learn: For us a smile, a thank hours when a person helping you is normal, but for this guy as you have suggested to him know. If he still does not recognize the option you choose, there should continue to be here this guy is not.

Lesson 5: Dating someone does not like you

This has rarely happened, but still may not happen . This story is the same as the lesson Wednesday. He will look at you as if you're loading your body odor, even before you have to shower thoroughly and puts on perfume bottle is almost empty. On the surface he would show "I've fooled her" because he noticed the little girl back tapered waist. When encountering this type of guy you would not hide depression. Will have nothing exciting if you continue with him, you imagine your life will be like when he lived with this form.

You will learn: The Truth . You're having a bad day dating. Depending on the level of confidence and experience you like, you should liberate ourselves in this situation or not, it is better you stay there. Do not immerse the guys stick to this format.

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