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Last words to him

He came to me in a rainy evening. In the rain I had a glimpse of him was tired of his streak. Well, my love, and he began it, or rather not say before.

There was a small child HK2 grade 12 student, also he students of Polytechnic University of Hanoi. On one occasion it happened to me and know each other. So the love has gone through two years. That time and never met me, what to share our feelings and we mounted a phone and a computer. Every night, at 2am on learning all he called you up, the dream screen and you pick up the night I'm too tired to sleep without noticing it. He told me he would wait for the new school finished rùi he went to bed. Your love and how every night. And letters and gifts are sent with how sweet and emotional love. He told me the motivation to help him through it all, she is all yours. I was happy that shore where my heart is always oriented. Gold strike that statement also ear .... And also to the day he graduated, but I'm happy with him in that time I was sad you know.

Half months later he went to work and then he was assigned to work in the South. Dream of me and you also came true, when I arrived at the airport that evening he was called for 10:30 and he said I will come to you. I very excited to welcome the rain waiting anh.Bong course arrived, but it did not prevent the expectation is met by you and me. Just received his phone call I got out of the house, I do not see him take a piece. He said why do not you very cold out and nè. Seeing him happy then I should not say words, I ran out to forget that his legs do not have a slipper. He stroked my hair and I have been met in the short moments of sleep. So the next time you and I go out together, come together where we want to. I was very happy when he does not know. The two have only met him once in the MN is assigned to work, but about that time you very happy.

The family did not accept me as me and you too far apart. Day make me about having three, both you and me very nervous, so I run, the run should not say that word, but he told me that they have assured me that they fear to do. So we also pass. Three liked his character because he is very respectful and in three say he really knows how to behave. The Times sent him to the airport I did not stop crying, why did not want to cry but the tears fell. Mistaken his stomach in front of you you know I'm nodding no, v I wish I could do instead anh.Nhung pain now, I do not understand why his message has been sent down. Sweet words for you has not the same. With him I do not need anything, I just need you. The times when you're tired, they learn not to cry or I wish him a message or call me. Why you should make me cry so much, why are the questions I posed him no answer. These messages do not see why I sent a reply. And now, what he promised him nothing more. He and I just end with some words of his insensitivity sorry that's just your emotions. Feelings of our two years only that, he will no longer by my side again, he will not need to know how I suffer, though they are always tough, I am afraid the dark rushing back because then the ang balls to show up in children. The road was very long but the way we always have each other, said her only child, you will forever walk the line and always praying that he'll always be happy.



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