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Language of the Heart

As a former student of St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), I remain in my heart the good feelings for this city. Although today's Russia is no longer the Russia of the 1980s and the eyes of many who have changed the view of Russia, I always considered Russia and Leningrad is my 2nd home.

I was there the whole time, youth, love ... but my wife who also studies in Leningrad. A New Year's Eve in St. Petersburg, I wandered alone travel on Russian soil. Sunset, the sun pale winter, but scenery is wonderful to sit proud cathedral dome.

Suddenly, I slipped on ice and then sounds like fractures. Not standing up, I lay in pain. I do not know better, I shouted for help ... A young man in uniform staff to run and then two young men appeared - one male, one female - again. All three carried me into a nearby office. The pain is increasingly fierce. I suddenly felt desperate. Soon thereafter, the ambulance arrived. The doctor squeezed my right leg bent causing angina as horrible.

Just then my self floating off nausea and vomiting paddy. They took me into the ambulance. At that time an employee of the Company is Galina Intourist travel to and comforted me. Until then, feel despair still weighed heavily on my soul. in a strange place, not knowing a word in Russian, not the person close ... These thoughts arose in my mind in that situation makes me very scared.

At the hospital, my x-rays. Films to see my hip bones are not broken but dislocated. Work to begin treatment. Wait until I get adequate care, the new Galina speaking about leaving because she was a little child waiting at home. Although morphine was injected, I still have body aches, do not lift up his stand. Door closed. I heard footsteps approaching, but just passed by. Silent embraces. Fear filled my mind ...

The next morning, Galina back with a doctor who claimed to be Alexander, announced that the hip surgery had to wait later to 10-1 by the group after surgery the patient is absent hospital. This is a holiday. Hours and hours went by, each passing day. Quiet atmosphere around me more nervous. One evening, Galina visit with his boyfriend, Nicholas. Earlier two people were thrown into the hotel I took the electric kettle and packet soups. So that day I was eating a bowl of hot soup.

relax my spirit more or less every day thanks to the presence of Galina, was always bringing me little gifts. One day, Galina brought into the room through a small branch is decorated like Christmas trees. Each time, the more I understand her when injured Galina more. Galina's husband had left, leaving the six-year-old son. She lived a life of struggling with tight salary but never complain anything.

my health condition worse. But right now I'm totally desperate Galina then appeared one morning, holding a plane ticket, announced that tomorrow I was transported to Helsinki. At the time I couldn weak smile before news emerged there. Early the next morning, Galina to arrange furniture and then take me to airport. My last memories of when he was Russia's Galina gentle kiss ...

After three weeks at the Helsinki University Hospital, I gradually recovered. Immediately, I arranged to send little gifts to Galina. Upon returning to Australia, I immediately called to her. The talk all heard our cries. Time passed, bold images Galina still in the memory and I know for sure that it is the sacred moment, the most beautiful I was fortunate to enjoy in life. The world becomes smaller, these strangers become friends.

during a miserable, I have found a noble soul. Even if you do not know English Galina way, she also used the universal language and the holiest of men: the language of the heart.

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