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Kite flying IN THE WIND

She has a chocolate colored skin and beautiful brown eyes light up seems a bit clever and mischievous. His name was Michelle. Not like other normal kids can run and jump on their feet, to Michelle, instead, is a pink wheelchair. When it was born, doctors discovered that Michelle had cerebral palsy. My heart sank when she saw a girl about 3 years old slowly rolled into the classroom. Courage it gave me more strength and positive spirit of it has made my heart hurt. Oh baby! What I love is sin!

There was Michelle and she gave me a picture of a black girl sitting on car set up lan.Toi respect bookshelf, next to the items that I love most . It always reminds me that my baby loves so much.

When Michelle was 7 years old, she was hospitalized to prepare for open heart surgery last Tuesday. Night before surgery I was sitting next to the bed and held her hand tightly.

- "I'm tired, scared," he whispered weakly.

- "Why do not you close your eyes and try to sleep a little baby to go huh?"

- "No, I'm not sleepy, tired but only preliminary sir!" She said very hard.

I think perhaps the little heart disease had to work too hard, the constant headaches and muscle spasms made me her great pain and difficulty in every movement. I see pain in front of her intelligence. At that age it can recognize the difference between feeling sleepy and tired.

- "You will soon have no fear of heaven?"

I put my hand on his forehead and said:

- "Site do not know. It depends on the baby again dear God!"

It looked looking at the stars through the window.

- "Do not know how it will up binary?. Perhaps the airplane."

I almost laughed again because of her purity. It knows how to tell it???

"Not where her dear. God will have a special angel and angels down to earth, he would tell me how heaven How does sugar. At that time I did not need to use a wheelchair or crutches of wood. It should not take drugs or surgery where her dear, for heaven do not need those things. I will be running and playing like he's delight me so.

"Profile Kite think you have it?" her eyes filled with hopes.

I tried Compressed voice and smile.

- "Profile sure that if you apply for a kite, then God will bless you with the best kite I've ever seen, baby A"

- "I also hope so. "

After this she fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

By early the next morning, while I was praying, the picture of Michelle, does not know what that reason suddenly fell off the shelves to the ground. I shiver. Linh told the story was not healthy.

Soon after Michelle's mother called to tell me your heart she had stopped beating and he passed away quietly in her sleep.

I was left wheelchair pink and black image of her sitting on a wheelchair because now must have the these did not need it anymore. Now it is instead an effigy her chocolate colored skin, hands and feet were dancing like playing, smiling eyes gaze into the sky.

In the days of warm sun, the wind, looked at the sky, I often imagine a girl being hit with Kites rise above the clouds.

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