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Kisses for 7 years ...

Raw wait, and even accept being ignored at Khanh accompany your meeting or a beautiful girl, left alone Raw undo mistakes. Simple, because only love Khanh Nguyen.
Tilt a bit ... so, so that nnhu here ... I take this ... Khanh
smiled, looking straight at the camera. Methods, modeling her cute pet Khanh face on his chest, small arms and put one over his shoulder gently. Photographer continuous shooting. Flash flash. A great couples between blue and white beach stretches suction cleaning eye. Pretty much nothing else?

All, that is the scene of the fashion shoot for a teen magazine. Phuong Khanh and brightest are two models of the company, and at the same time, they are a perfect couple. The compliment, admiring the row for the two young people. Sat hidden behind piles of props, Nguyen, her quiet young art laptop open, save the beautiful shot. Just finished school and so ordinary, that is what can be said about her.
Few people know, a close friend of Nguyen Khanh, while still in high school.
Two completely different people in appearance and personality, it's hard to understand, what a miracle they have mounted together. When only two of these, Khanh is a different man. Smile more, talk more and more crazy as well. "In addition Nguyen, Khanh always feel safe" when
The Khanh said so, Nguyen just smiled, and waited.

Wait a progression over the "safety" which refers to time in the Khanh Nguyen. Wait, and accept even be ignored as Khanh go with you or meeting a beautiful girl, left alone Raw undo mistakes. Simple, because only love Khanh Nguyen.

Sitting in a small loft apartment, former pop open the computer and photoshop. The first shot of the series of fashion advertisements for a teen magazine. In the frame of Khanh smile up, brilliant. Besides the method, thin and beautiful, white smooth arms and put one over his shoulder full of tenderness Khanh. A so frustrated and jealous and full of pain levels in the Highlands. Her brush tool and click the squiggly lines and ugly. Raw startle fear. Beautiful pictures she has been maligned.

panic, causes continuous step backward. She herself disgusted by the idea of ​​cruelty to dumb and selfish. "There is no room for you, sir Highlands. Be willing to make friends with Khanh, otherwise, you will lose forever Khanh. "These words appear invisible in the minds Nguyen, was crumble to pieces, pinned tightly to her, aches and pains stinging grit.

Raw mobile screen lights up. There are messages. Khanh.
"Raw à. Khanh Phuong then split. Bored. Going without coffee? "
Raw breath. Trembling fingers compose a short message line: "OK. 15 minutes. "

Cafe tucked away in corners of the streets of Hanoi. Like the house damp moss and old, small restaurant features classic and bring little contemplation shows. The melodious music blew past my ear a stranger who sorrow in private. Originally came in, looked quick cup of coffee cools, then drag xuong.Van seats like that, nothing changed ...
- "Suddenly the same?" Raw opening words, and destroy the static space vote silence.
Khanh nodded. "All love is all yeu.Chi that."

- "Khanh to do next?" Raw squint.
- "As always it. Find a new person to fill them all. "Khanh mischief. "Originally, the van, her best friend in the University of the Highlands ... Give her her phone number, please? I met her at the fair yesterday, unexpectedly ... "
Nguyen took a deep breath, really long, try to keep my voice normal as possible. Normal enough to play a good girl.
- "You're still the same. Okay. Record away. Originally it read only once. "
Khanh laugh. Raw off the phone, I have the chair, trembling fingers locked together, trying to prevent the anger and regret the rush of confidence. Excuse was exhausted by working on the computer all day, Nguyen ago. Alone in the car, speeding through the Highlands full of moss blocks moisture. Cold autumn wind flap gently dry the tears. Again, the Highlands have a chance. And once again, was deprived of the opportunity, it's flat.

- "Why do not hear the phone yesterday?" Son, hand-painting the same company who bizarre investigation in Highlands an irritable voice.
- "I'm sorry. My phone out of battery, do not forget the charger ... "Raw confused. "What's important to do this?"
- "Do not. Just call up and ask to see the Highlands project done not only for X magazine. "
-" Well. Almost done sir. I will submit to him in the afternoon. "
-" Okay. This must be true 3pm. Do not delay. "
-" Yes. "

*** Between the hours of work, labor Khanh Nguyen saw the ball soaring out. Suddenly she felt angry for no reason. She took the bag and release the car to the street, thrown into a large bookstore, Van is the leader in this sale. She is buying her own lie some books, but really wanted to meet Van Nguyen over and who knows, she will know a little about the current relationship between Van and Khanh. Think of Van, Nguyen suddenly hurt. University girl time. Nguyen never thought of that case will come together and Khanh Van. As a student, Nguyen did not have much time ban.Tat whole, raw arena for learning, plowing more Japanese, and Day. No room left for other things.

Raw push heavy glass door, step into the clumsy. Her around, hoping to meet van accident. Yuan then stood. Adjacent to the inner shelf, empty space, she is put your time University hands over ancient Khanh, immersed in passionate kisses. Reeling like a drunken man, former running backs strokes. Staggered to look pitiful.

The truth is that raw feel just been burned one manh.Tro back office, hidden behind a desk, face buried in his hands, Her eyes closed, submerged himself free man in despair. That no free man to think of anything else. Free man to that, did not know there was a person sitting at their own time.

- "Cry not you?"
Highlands looked up startled. Son, who hand-painting bizarre. Still unkempt hair, a thin, tall and thin figure with thick glasses familiar.
- "No." The reason for the quick reply, then turned away, quickly wiping the tears.
- "No?" Son smiled, removed his glasses and carefully cleaning it with the old T-shirt flap technique. "No eyes red nose back as the other tomatoes U?"
Raw throat hard.

- "Escape while carefully following the desk ca tan, maybe not, it is a habit of Raw? "Son looks up, half-smiling mouth just as comforting, just as mocking. Eyes without glasses, light brown, wide open, looking straight into the Highlands.
- "Now I do not want to explain my stupid situation. To me alone. "
-" Okay. "Son stood up, wearing glasses. "The reason is, I have not heard the story of Icarus? Boy flying with wings attached with wax, but because so engrossed that to closer to the sun ... "

-" wax wings melted, Icarus falling dat.Va die. "Raw dry diaphragm. "The misery you are suffering can know enough to end life. Do not mock me more. "
-" I'm not mocking you. I just saw something stupid here, sir Highlands. Have you ever thought, if Icarus flying into the air at night, he will not die? "
Nguyen looked up. Eyes wide, waterline.
- "I do not need to give up their dream. Just select the object and the time is right, it's appropriate, that's all. I do not like Icarus, because I have not much time left so chet.Van, à Raw. "
Throw back to the Highlands to the sad sight difficult to understand, Son wrong step back from the gray cube of a room alone.

Since that day, former head buried in work. The project was don
e quickly and flawlessly. These beautiful drawings. The interlocking blocks of color create a virtual appeal period. Her work, design and creativity, as a way to forget. Forget the suffering. Forget about captivated. Forget love despair. Originally eyes the dark circles appear blue. Months or, Visit Son Nguyen's desk to put her cup, then let go a couple of teasing about panda eyes. But Nguyen did not care.

Near the end of the year, the company has two rates for study abroad in Japan for two excellent designer. There is little surprise that Son and Nguyen was chosen. Japanese dreams come true soon. Two years of study, when they return, the location of another would very much raw.

*** Sitting on the terrace, the worms crawl thin wind flap Originally the hair and skirt. Day two hands against back, face up slightly back, eyes closed, completely relaxed. Nguyen Khanh look, look at the sun shining, look at love, so passionate and raw hope ... shudder. Was seven years. Nothing changes. Khanh Nguyen Van Yeu, with all my heart. Khanh
Also, there will never be remembered, and was not like drinking coffee. Raw is always ignored when appearing among crowds. Nguyen still remember once, when grade 12, step out of the gate ample field, Nguyen Khanh hear his name called, loud and clear. Happy fun filled break trust in the chest, back raw, hastily. But then she quickly discovered, his eyes and his smile toward her Khanh not, but she waved them you're pretty French study, also called Yuan. Originally not forget when friends by feeling and suffering at the time. Just wanted the pain to die ...
- "When Raw went?" Khanh contemplative.
- "Two more months." Throat Raw bitter choking. "It's Van Khanh and why then?"
- "Still the world. So easy to close, cute and interesting. But I still do not really feel safe. Probably need more time. "
Ha Khanh Time, seven years probably does not suffice? Resources were tired with the rush of Khanh ago. How dreams, including his desire during the last five months is not a reality.

Suddenly, the raw stuffs, placed a kiss on the lips Khanh hurry. Kiss for the first passionate love and passionate. Farewell kiss for all the difficulties, but serene. Then she stood up, stepped quickly toward the door, disappeared in the darkness, leaving the sun is hot struck back.
Escape the long rows of desks with computers staging massive, Raw bunch of pillows, real. She realized Son, with the familiar flavor of coffee, quietly approached. There was the teasing. Leaving only the silence and trust sympathy.
Very slowly, with Nguyen Son expressed the desire to see firsthand a Fuji mountain covered with snow. "It's fun," Son said simply.
Raw smiled softly, then nodded. A large water particles, glitter, falling little trembling hands.
These days later, Nguyen is constantly focused on the preparation for the upcoming trip. Nguyen Khanh allow myself to think, a little each day. The passionate, hopefully in the first seven years are easily forgotten. One night before flying, Nguyen Khanh calls to say goodbye, as a friend. But power is not listening to Khanh. Resources no longer sad. She hung up the phone, calmly sorting things into the suitcase to the final map Lawyers.

The phone rang. Originally picked up. Son. Only a few small questionnaire, reminder tomorrow night flight hours. Originally smiled, dropping her down the mattress, sink into a deep sleep, dreamless.

*** The next night, Raw and Son to the airport.
When the plane took wings, the circular glass panel, Son Nguyen found only dark black night with bright moon shimmering piece together the stars of tiny light purple.
- "So beautiful!" The reason people really stuffs the door . "We're flying!"
Son laughed softly. Pull the thin blanket, he bungled up for Raw. Son Nguyen face on shoulder, asleep. In my dream that night, she saw her, proud of the giant white wings, flying freely in the air, the soft halo of white nights.

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