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Just to love me

That day, my class from another class move him, strange and crestfallen. I met the first time in fitness now when I was late for school, running a hurry to class. Meets the eye is the image of him - quite a handsome guy is to restart classes.

I do not know each other and suddenly there's nothing romantic, just questions brief exchange between the class president and a new member.
The first class, a new friend whisper to me whispered: "A lot of idols works!". I laughed: "Well." I do not like boys education. He has many fans, the same can be said, I never let myself be around my idol because he lacks what the first satellite "quality." Think that I could only laugh. Your small wink: "But who loves the suffering there." I never thought I will love you for saying it so quickly sank into oblivion.
All people praise him "handsome, enthusiastic and steering station," I only saw his own bad back education add promiscuous. I hate the looks of his tomb ga. He played very good volleyball, so the girls or by collective fears. I'm just bad, but never bear to say "thanks. She's so stubborn in their children rather than resolutely failed he never became a fan of his. But gradually his contact each other more, I discovered many things in his appeal.

British enthusiasm in the movement class, interested and willing to help everyone. Perhaps he was so beloved friends. I never saw a group of people living much like him. The first time I think of him and also the first time I wondered: who love you will suffer?

I would not choose him if he does not have to sit in the dark halls waiting for me only to learn about corn left to his sister, at my illness, I give you milk and fruit ... The school year passed, I did not give him the opportunity to say ".
autumn of that year it rained lightly light. The crowd of students gathered round cakes gifts to children in the village. Bonfire burn up, people saw me standing next to me laugh wink start making waves fist game.

When his hand timidly take my hand and I'll feel the situation is clear love is near two. The warmth of embarrassment and first-hand look at their small acres in his hand, I understand he will be a solid prop for you. How many people that night before he confesses his love to me. Everyone clapped, just as you sit quietly went drinking in every word he says.
Gentle light of lanterns, the moon and the warmth from him with friends, I knew I was the happiest night today. When only two kids, I just answered him with an assigned appointment. I am afraid the love of many students - come and go, passionate and goodbye ... I want my two kids look serious about love. Perhaps that is why I made him wait two years.

Two years I have not once speak you know I love you even became part of my life. Two years he remained so, come to me gently but firmly.

"There are things that do not have to say," I remember I had said to him that way. And you know I do not have to wait for an answer from you again by two years, what we do for each other has said it all. But I still want to send these words to him - countless people that I love. Thank you so much because everything was made for you. Thank you for giving me a warm feeling by every night after school he and his car still waiting even though it rains. Look, he cuffed the back pedal, the light sweat, I knew I was happy. In the middle of the city "bike dear" is very hard so that we still have two sessions are on sibling enrolled.

Thank you always next to you to share ... self in the depths of my heart I want to tell you that I love you. "Who do people love suffering, I just know that he is ready again to receive the suffering was only to be asked him.

According GIA LAM

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