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- jokes from the message:" This weekend classes meet in Starbus, demands in love, if anyone does not have to lead you further along (opposite sex), there is no reason that the absence be accepted. Raw class president "
Oh My God

Complete Stunning not always, oh so long now familiar black brothers know that Old Cello ideas only enable one to cotton ghitar and piano! But I suspect the only show goods, okay, I do have many talents he talk like this and still alone.

Depending she thought, two things that do not relate to each other at all.

fairly large room, more light, a brown old trees located Cello corner but seems to be the owner slapped tut carefully.

I hear a road go.

musical inspiration at times, but her love poems to visit currency centers, like listening to anything?

You've never heard anyone ever Cello Forum, so I do not know what all, or the road.

The ear on nè. In honor us with beautiful girls, the Andante Cantabile by Tchaikovsky.

sunshine yellow, throw the ball up in the walls painted white, curly hair disorders locks hanging loose on the forehead, slender hands of a born artist. If it is sure that his disturbance is not sure it is lying.

Or not?

Hay, very good, landscape artists stretching or equally well. Yet why do not you use this way to deceive a woman, she somehow fated to suffer "happily unmarried" is.

Phishing is not good. What will come to, do quickly.

This picture of someone, do not tell me go home, I'm unhappy about it you

It intently looking up to red-brown painting is very impressive , not exactly beautiful, but very special, just the image of a red-brown ceramic vase, a dim light shines on the body. The simple but brilliant subtle that it is difficult to describe.

What is it not true that he painted, a painter, he used his first day he gave birth Tuesday Updated. Hanging there forever, so long as it looks more like antiques. Only now and then, she'd need to ask what this afternoon.

hand glance at the red clock, 5:30. One night things are really waiting for.

Yes, I have a new job because, not swimming, then I come home I do nothing for tired . Tonight he took him to the old class is not meeting. And more subtle, this is very important, he listened carefully home. I always choose a new lover who may have to ask .- Blink mischievous, he tried to take the serious tone possible. - Because he was accepted as your boyfriend is not tonight.

She moisture well, but her class but I did take the class. Nowhere, I remember I was busy tonight .- And he hatched a most obnoxious laugh ever known it.

No, tonight we held it out nua.Neu not love does not matter, but you squint a little basting, did not lead him to shame really.
story that she caused her own resolve, all the kids do not deserve for me to talk to.

nice brother that the world well, I always ask him something new, ki bo so.
Go there soon.

Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Well he dressed in a decent home.

In addition I change my mind now. ...

(two days)

A message offline meets the eye when it has logged Yahoo

"End This week the class met in Starbus, bring asked his girlfriend, if someone does not request further you go along (opposite sex), there is no reason whatsoever is accepted if absent. Raw class president "

Oh a message quite good, at least in tedious days like this. But the open parenthesis that he is not neat at all. Boyfriend is not missing, but Lu Lu led a guy to go along, think of everything it "dark" very emotional "in the light" as his friends for it, it does not list anyone good enough to get my boyfriend to do it even one night. But come what will come, sometimes slightly AQ rewarded himself not. And it's forgotten that story until the computer clock is 2:34 AM. Mouse off to sleep.


Julesverne IAMSAM: OMG make me pull all his pains the heart

Intelligent Le::)), the late Professor soot ol

julesverne IAMSAM: I also asked who the

julesverne IAMSAM: Dag to sleep

julesverne IAMSAM: someone is that because appellate

julesverne IAMSAM: Province both sleep

proving Le:: D for the parent SR

julesverne IAMSAM:

julesverne haizzzzzzzzz IAMSAM: he is as ungainly day

proving Le: Jiangshan easily change that nature is difficult to move

julesverne IAMSAM: so what are you doing this now proving

Le: wandering music preparation exercises

julesverne IAMSAM: What you listen to or send

proving Le: music scholars do not spend what she heard

proving Le: nightmares, sleep there =))

julesverne IAMSAM:: ((despise each other so

proving Le: not grow at all

proving Le: ah he was her brother these days there's more ill-fated sister does not

julesverne IAMSAM: do not know how many numbers are

julesverne IAMSAM: still seems to count in base-10 system

Le intelligence: the religious province sure

julesverne IAMSAM: he shall also have the zero is not proving

Le: is "I sang alone,"

julesverne IAMSAM: know that

Then suddenly, a ray of light, to be known as a glint in his head.

julesverne IAMSAM: ah, but if so, I ask a little housework

julesverne IAMSAM: last week he did not spare

proving Le: is

Le intelligence: what

julesverne IAMSAM: mai carved know

julesverne IAMSAM: this guarantee of remuneration rather than by mere

Le intelligence: What is the remuneration

julesverne IAMSAM: A Secret Garden CD you ask, ok

Le intelligent: it seems difficult pediatric

proving Le: but his good calculated capital

proving Le: none want to swell like a disc in the hands of people who do not appreciate intelligent

Le: ok

julesverne IAMSAM: 4h45 pm Sun

It already knows what will come and that it is important to know the wait. seeing the ex in the scene you hand in hand with a beautiful fruit that is not pleasant, and even less pleasant than when I just go alone. As its capital aggressive and bitter, it is not easily dismissed.


Oh brother have cosmetic eye children, who would dress like that ever interview. He closed the box to see what it going, old man looks death. tshirts that, but I do not prompted more wearing a coat with many colors such as carrots in it anymore horror house.
blind delete your hair, but it said to myself, is the beauty of curly kale, such as Goo Joon Pyo sunbae hair is enough to make guys go amniotic input to the hairdresser. tshirts black and blue stripes, jeans, shoes. Well okay, but if it's wrong not know how he is with his aesthetic is below average it used to know.

looks so handsome that he spreads out, today you make me fight out of this phase to another course.

Ho, financial potential energy does not need her to know. ...

It's that the restaurant there.
quite crowded parking, it quietly glanced and saw cars dark blue with a sea of ​​familiar sigh compression, it can not deny that I have not forg
otten his first love full of this unilaterally. It was read a sentence where children kind of "first love, unforgettable" , and a man in the flesh as it is inevitable that the whole philosophy of human recognition.

Hey Welcome, Baby died today, all wearing nothing but black file, you where?

Kia - boy friend pointing at a guy was driving the car back into the house hui sent. But as you go along Dynasty, banned misunderstood. But Ah ...

recommend you always, your apple, final year medical Piano Conservatory named Leon. But this is Phoenix, a friend also called me by name Hy Baby a character in the story. ...

Try to sound most grin, it coats his hands into the room you left them a hero and a proud one. A today in part because it wears a pretty decent, in part because his brother today that it knew from back in tiny irregular handsome.

By late this, little awarded a penalty to sing. It referred.

boy class president to mouth after two years still have not seen that, is silly and short-short like a new guy she lon.Vay girlfriend to go with it quite beautiful and deadly smile.

Of course your boyfriend ...

eyes it suddenly stops back in a corner, her hair did not change, but in hair of students in the class he sat watching countless hours of study, and felt like it was a voice heard from the employer hair was found , it did not think so sensitive it can hear my heart in my chest vibrate.

I'm going to go, it has daughters called to behold.
wake, warm voice brought it back to reality.

On the go, well up a little song he gave me or give me the better road, a nhé.

Korean film sounds like it baby, see more infected died then, Lotus too, oh I die a little game with her children this.

Hu, remember it, a dish which the children were at home.

Choose a seat not too prominent. Flood old you probably have changed a lot, it no longer recognizes the computer guy bigotry with horror as the girls in anyway, or girlfriend in front of them tried to be as much as possible Galant. end up singing duo the other two followed. Why it suddenly finds himself lost, or because images near end of the room that it kept eyes on it alone forever. Tuan smiling next to a bright little girl look with long hair, a slim girl makes other people feel want to protect. the jealous oily unexplained rise in the heart.

Hey, I do not drink, but I do like sitting Room. ...

Hey do you shock the British I, hurt the heart.

Who arrested sat so, thought dead, drink?

I hustle my waist category, yes, Coca interesting guy, cold .

Hey you going to sing, each pair must be up there singing a song.

crazy, singing Item song you ever see me, wait a little moment to sing the title. But you know kids do not go with Tuan.

It glanced quietly motioned for me to sit near you.

Well, it eh, I do not know sure, listening to brief them it sure is the name of Pediatrics, learn what school the first year I also forgot. Why? still hold similar dreams or did you ask.
Curious but then asked do not know today I go with someone that's relatively new ball.
Just at that moment, it came to the rescue.

Coca these children.

He gave me a song to go. There are piano lo!
Really, really afraid.

Up goes, I recommend this to this.

He stood up pulling his hand stepped up to the center of the screen was silent initially greeted jubilantly.

Hey Small note, introduced this. Uh! Today I have to go with a very special person, he will accompanist and singing. Applause.

"special" in quotes you?
Self understanding

He gently lift the planks to cover up the keypad, brushed a full artist, the children in its wake, that cheeks flushing, a sense of pride mixed with the win spread.

Uh, hello friends, today I first met you ... I'm going offline Uh song "Baby Ha inner city ", or if you do not understand. And I gave this song to go with me today.

Oh Uay Ocean proud home. Singing a duet to

It has her eye on Lu said, and smiled happily saying that he has just said. I do envy her amniotic fluid with it.

"The road away ... whispering rain waiting for someone who plays loose hair soft ... "

bank finally pitches up, the applause of the flood barrier fence it and you folks in the bar. He stepped up to , hand it is against the forum to step down seats. Today it felt really happy and proud, even childish pride. Maybe it passed in front of a large shadow, dismissed take a deep memories that still haunt forever so long, although the process does not completely eliminate it. The memory makes it every time again, again frustrated mixed feelings gently but enough pain heart. ...

- I like Tuan, probably more than what Tuan said. Uh I want to ask, we can not be a couple

- Maybe I do you better Ocean ah, I know you do not want to hear this but I do not want to love anyone at this time.

- So, after this is not it.

- I do not know, but his and Yang is probably the better news is you.

- Maybe.

And it remembered, that day, one she plucked up the courage to tell people the first time it felt special in my life was sad to what extent, the last afternoon of school. Disappointed, there are many; Light relief, a little, it comes and know what will come but if it is brave enough to wait for it or not, or is it still haunts them forever shadow only. There are times when it did not know love feel it is love or just a little elated time students, then would melt as fast as soap bubbles, colorful but quickly broken. But it said it would not erase that first tremors.

Today you make me proud to be doing. Thank you so much home. If this situation continues to fall down I do not know when he died. Haha

I told her that many children are still young, what is wrong.

Just as the world goes, I want someone young, who expected oil prices.

which guy she wants revenge she has her beautiful baby girl.

Who told you this, but prettier than his sister.

Haha , is jealous and childish.

But soon, she invited him to eat ice cream home. This is the reward for actors at the plate but I still keep my home without fear of where that word swallow lo.

Oh, of course, she invited him to dinner. ...

3 cup things and know, still eating Next à.

Eat more. regarded as written off first love, just eat, you have enough money to pay for it. Raise any cup.

She ate the ice cream à drunk, getting drunk is not just a sore throat only.

shelf-Just say it has nodules payment cream cup 3 and the call to cup No. 4.

UK offline for a cup of hot cocoa.

Haha boys drinking hot cocoa for the first time I met you.

Call her there, her pneumonia out there dare to kill her brother me.


She really stupid. He put his hand gently push hot cup of cocoa towards it. She does not see why I call it stupid but it was heart strangely warmed. Smell cocoa in the throat it spreads. asked a question like "what to eat.

Anh Minh me ask you a question tastefully, seriously. UK love is not really well, everyone told him it was Gay

She saw me being gay à.

Not, I swear there is no light shows signs How suspicious. So why not love you?

Yes, but not to the time to confess, because he is a very painful scars that do not forgotten forever, he must wait for him completely shake off his newly revealed past.

I opened my eyes ... <
br />

The ever had to wait.

It seems that the time has come already. his eyes looked deep into its vortex, it shook my heart the second time in the day, it heats the cheeks flaming, hot cup of cocoa by hand it does not now, because there is a other hand government has set up its hands.

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