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Jealous of the ancients

You love him, he is only thinking of your own. But he and "the ancients" is still playing very friendly ... She is very pretty and they had memories together. Sometimes you just wonder if he was still with the old king did not question anything? If jealous of your virus begins to attack the old man, then read this article in order to identify and weaken it slightly
Sort virus jealous

There are two types of virus in a relationship jealous feelings. Benign envy, jealousy in other words from the real causes, such as your boyfriend is always flirting with other girls. Virus jealous remaining malignant envy, jealousy is unfounded, even though your boyfriend behaved respect you, but you think you are just not enough for him so you jealous people around, even jealous of his past.

A dangerous game

If you behave well with your son, and never do damage to you (such as climbing trees and then you go out with ex-girlfriend), then you are a victim of jealousy virus malignancy, this case is very risky. Dangerous in that you've finished with him further because of unfounded suspicions. If you suspect that he or did not believe his true feelings for you, he will feel insulted and finally he saw you not enough for him.

Verify actual

So how do you prevent viruses malignant jealousy? Look at the son is not complicated first. Daughters often "tragic memory thief" so long ago that the guy they love ... but the boys rarely do so. If a guy falling in love, his pursuit and always keep distance with her. If you do not love anymore, he said goodbye. It's as simple as that.

now he is here for you

The truth is no longer your boyfriend dating ex-girlfriend again, proved he had ended relationships with the ancients. Need more proof? He's still friends with her, that he loves you not love her. If love, he will be quite heartbreaking to her side, especially when she found a boyfriend. And of course he will not date you because he can unilaterally hope that she will return to single status. So obviously you are the sole concern of his.

Sincerely what you are

Finally, if he be honest with you about too his past, including why his girlfriend broke up, indicating he believes you. This is a sign that the relationship of two very good friends. But if you can not believe more in myself and him, you will lose a nice guy there.

Good with yourself

Please talk to yourself and decide once definitely to the past is behind us. You are now his. Please know that and be happy for that. Do not try to love and do not say what made him think that you do not believe him. Be aware of your values. Despite the insecurity that size, there is a reason the two of you together at this time. You deserve him and he deserves you. Believe in yourself. You are enough for him.

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