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Japanese dolls and Prince milk tea - Part 2: Short hair, long hair and "daughter"

Manh Linh hate being away just because short hair and long hair raising ???
Manh drop the beat tumbled into bed. Today it has met Linh, Linh is actually right and then right over. "Destiny" (?!) It remains to face in the pillow, throw some thoughts in my head went haphazard, yet at the same time how many images from the "old days" stormed straight into the stream of thinking of it, hic ...

It used to really like Ghost. Look like small, plump face and short hair like her Japanese doll. It likes to speak of Spirit, no shower, not too silly, "you you tao tao" is more natural. In grade 9 is a good time for it. But then, why? Date first met Linh in Grade 10, it has stood in the school yard about 1 minute and then come out to greet new. Ghost it really you? Long hair, black branching, straight (by stretching), flying between the sun and ao dai campus. Flexible "goose" the old days of it now standing there, smiling gracefully and sometimes put a hand to smooth his hair full of technology ... (!) Finally it is also the courage to speak out:

- Spirit you? What you do with your hair and eyebrows?

- Er Meng, hello ... did! Yeah, last summer adopted longer hair and stretching, for ... female (ac evil!) Grade 10 and that, atrophic changes, hi.

Heavens! Call him "him", long hair and "feminine", which is called "atrophic change"! Spirit is strong stood looking eagerly at talking and making new friends. Pretty: a cute. Coast: charming (but not by where in the past) feminine: a female. Strongly felt many eyes are looking and watching Ghost (hic) But ... it is not that Manh Linh has been used and has ... love!


- That is the day he first met, Manh behave differently eh? The summer months ie after you have changed a lot, right?

- Yeah, I just remembered it just nagged sometimes "tortured star eyebrow eyebrow hair like that?" Blablabla. I also not care, because I so obviously this is very beautiful, but (happy smile icon)

- Ac. You send me a picture of them in grade 9 you see that.

- Here.

- [...] Oh dear displaced, so that you call "changing atrophy "Ghost huh? This picture you see them as two guy friends í!

- Ax. So you? So what to do now?

- Bold ...

*** Strong rushing to class, borrow stem tangerine ( exactly robbery) plays a little time for you to copy my. Suddenly it heard the door squeak ru boys class. Tightens "dark rays" is that you do this. Feng Meng ran into pulling out:

- Erosion oh eyebrow, "you" Ghost A13 today ku-te very beautiful you know! Love pole, went out to see us,. Looking for a kiss just want to play!

- (Want to punch the guy Phong one really know, but still scratching her head fake ears) Make today "you" back "make up or eating í wear cool, right?

- Board zoi, you ... too shallow. Come out here.

Curious (and nervous), Strong ran out to see.

And ... overwhelmed.


Yes, Father.

Oh no, it's true that Spirit which has been used.

short hair. Jandi just short in the BOF. Looking like a cute little Japanese dolls. Spirit smiling embarrassed words of praise and classmates flood ... flirting Strong class of boys, but his eyes still follow a familiar figure. Wait a flexible sentence, whatever praise, but the design was just quietly back to class ...

*** - Do white like a ghost!

- What? - Ghost shouted a deafening scream and get very hands Strong structure.

- Ouch! - Strong up and ru ... the Spirit cup. - Why are you so cruel huh?

- Because hate you too, but why.

- So the next time I do not go through another table, four cups!

Spirit purple with anger, went back into place. Strong last year and watched a smile theft. Father looked at evaluating the rocks look as pretty. Love it, love it and think of ... Strong laughed. Today Spirit, too, is just like Ghost in grade 8 ... But I do not dare say any child. At that time only saw as immersed in hot flashes and noise, but it put up for classes see the sad eyes of the Spirit system.

[You've Got a message]

"Strong Well, today I saw the new hair is it?"

"Uhm .

"... See what?"

"Why ask me?"

"As Strong as my friend. With all I want to hear from a son. "

" Nothing but friends, his son was missing what class, aesthetic tastes much higher than me. "

"I'm not playing with his son ..." ***

- Up to send me file for offline assignments Huyen.

- Yeah, but you're with Strong How then, did not speak again?

- Not you, sir, "after a message from me that it is always impregnated, hic.

- Or was he shocked too, is shaken but did not dare do it, hi hi?

- Well, sir, you do not imagine anymore. About then, late then, today I went cycling again.

Ghost bikes and daydream. Very hot sun, the way back to Ghost switches to turn on a natural way off. What crime road east, both tired and breathing dust. Ghost riding slowly in a small alley, so it is quite dark, quite scared, but the shelves. It just goes back to parallel to the main road out there, be a fairly long period when she hears a voice behind motorcycles. Spirit glance, SH car designs, no problem, move on. Spirit trying to pedal slowly to the other car ahead, but there are still all in the car behind it, then start the car two months said, laughing:

- Little children go to school on à?

- Xinh world, she does look like the Korean film that people love you're fascinated, What is the name that you remember?

- Jan ... Jandi you sir. Yes, cute.

- Yeah, right. That her child ride a bike too hard, I pass them up here nè ...

The boy laughed very sick vulgar, broke the steering wheel, squeeze the Spirit into the curb. Father jumped into the car, screaming, but the small lane, which also houses closed im stayed quiet, the sound of vehicles on the road so the noise should not really hear it shouted. Two months away SH-down car and started towards the Spirit. "Dead, dead because of stupid Father dear, what to do now, preparing to run alone ..." - Ghost panic thinking. In time they touch the Spirit, a voice rang out son:

- The hustle him do so. Spirit okay?

Two uneducated boy was startled, but still get back up the right physician:

- do nothing, baby you fell down the car so we tao help. You know him?

- Liar! Do you force him to get off. Now go away, girl bullying that?

- Take it away, pottery, painting!

They glared nguyt car then sped off. Spirit is now in time to pull oneself together and realized Manh.

- Thanks for that, at this time should not know too scared to do anything. That stars who appeared at the right time so?

- Yeah ... I take it that Spirit. I found Ghost turn lane is a bit unexpected, but to go under. At the other guy saw two holes and then marry them before the car launched into me, I thought it was suspected that, chase cars they always keep it new.

- Hic ... to the old way always ... Well, thank Meng nhé.

- Ghost In today's new bike so I followed, and on the pendant. So now ... go?

- Yeah ...

Two children cycling. Spirit may also start to talk before the atmosphere is
more fun. Strong silent, thinking in my head all the way to see what to say next. Deep breath, finally Manh dare say:

- this Spirit, turn to milk tea on the other is not?

- So be it, I'm also hungry .

- Yeah ...


- Noona you a chocolate milk tea.

- Oh , Manh Linh remember like chocolate milk tea right?

- Sure, in the past day and have to buy for her expert "run number" is that!

- Um ... A little milk mint only marginally.

Strong chuckled. Two children who drank milk tea, say a few things vaguely. Milk tea immersed in the "Kiss The Rain" romantic. Manh Linh gently take my hand. Still soft and warm as ever, the hand of "Japanese Doll" in which she pretty ...

"Ghost Well, you're pretty short hair this much ..."


Spirit is listening to "Kiss The Rain" on the bed. There is a new sms.

"Spirit, going prom with me."

"Ax, hair style I like this dress what ???"

"The more beautiful. At best ... I'll buy a wig for you. Nhe! "

" Ukie J Sleep soon now, "Prince milk tea." That any "eyebrow eyebrow tao tao" Too hard to say this ... "

" Say something basic, hi hi? Love doll prince ư milk tea? ^ ^ "

" Silly. Go to sleep. Lack of drive too. "

" If the claim was a joke but I'm sure apple-crazy. "

" Why her? "

" Because I do not play with her daughter ... Except "dolls son" from me alone ... "

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