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Japanese dolls and Prince milk tea - Part 1: "I do not play with unless you're a girl ..."

- People who have questions blue banners that declared Strong - Prince milk tea. And "you" is the Spirit - Japanese dolls.
- Uych
- Asia, what kind of world to you? - Huyen up sharply, thanks to Spirit took a paper towel wipe out the food lines, then who would look up and down ... it always.
- Oh, I'm sorry ... Oh, Father? - English boy wonder mingled with embarrassment.
- Hi. Well okay, we have long been, Manh go ahead.
- Yeah. Hello.
Wait Manh heels straight back, ru up new districts:
- Aaaa, Spirit! Strong stars you know you? New hotboy in block 11 since volunteering there! Oh, a while ago so that I ... silly too, hic.

- God, sir, it's that "hotboy" nothing but, XIII - Spirit mining cycle.
- Handsome, good student, ga ... there is another tomb seemed "cold" is the e nhé!

- evil, that which is called "hot" í eh? Must review the aesthetic taste of the flood teen girl 9x is now!

- I see you have a criticism, "you í" s there. Dental death, or the first two children in what is going on huh? - Huyen laugh ... time.

- Yeah, why have it? - Spirit moves pretended to whistle. "Many things" is back again another ...

- (gape) Popular Alas, after going to see any. Hic, now turns out that "players" right beside my dear. - Huyen Linh teasing glance.

- Ham! Here, I'll tell. - Spirit sad voice changed. - And do not tell anyone else what is not heard?

*** - The first question: do you know Meng? - Huyen writers pretend to write copy such records are interviewing celebrities. It pretends exactly the reporters are operational, that Spirit could not help laughing.

- O thou, put the pen down. I learned it from grade 8 that, as class secretary should or must go. Each table was squeezed through it - the guy Manh í - um, it worked up sharply. Generally I hate it in there!

- In general, every time she passes through the two little guys are arguing explosion explosive drives you?

- Yeah, baby that. - Huyen Linh and laughed.

- But in fact, so that two children were assigned to join the class and always alone, a "no hate for heaven's award was" í. Haiz, so I hated it growing, but also understand why the ball again ...

Spirit dreaming back to a grade 8. It's tiny, white is also pretty clear so loved the class known as the "Japanese doll." Yet the only other name is Manh hated all day "retaliating" it, then fight off the first glass of it, but it is the map all day protection "as white as ghosts," "white albino", too ! Factory! ...

- But which at the Spirit of our dear naive should not guess that he is Strong "love that" other people, so they behave like that, right? - Huyen giggling.

- Maybe, dooo, hehe! Even the two kids still nail a rival security "archenemy" of each of ... until the 9th grade, my teacher for two children move to sit next to each other, dread! ***

- Hello fellow new desk! - Strong teeth, that not, must be "light fang" with a smile full of sinister (as in fact it is ok to feel the Spirit!)

- Well, hello you! - Ghost face showed no emotion at all.

- Hey, there should not disregard the other, referred to as "you" behaved like that behind him to always result "may" is that so cool, hi hi?

- Yes, "you" do not like out loud. Proclaimed "you" to you is not tolerable.

- Then, then you're so, haiza. Last year's level, then, is what they support each other, but "war" and then are fed forever, right?

- So be it, does aja aja fighting! - By this time the rookie out stress, breathe and grinning, "shouted slogans" with Manh (open brackets are walking there, "Full House" is doing storm nhé!)

Since it's math scores improved significantly Spirit, and filled the positive way! Pretty smart and have strong financial explanation to it. A walk to every school in the Spirit ... is feeling the eyes of its seats. Then the playing time, flooding her in the class eventually ask what it is this Spirit. It turns out that our exploration of it ... Strong world sir! Yes, grade 9, he tears a large, handsome looks really, also do well then, what is natural to become Spirit "matchmakers", a "consultant", even "spy" for some girls in class. Anyway Manh Linh also recognized quite hot, but that first impression, how could he be fading, so the Spirit has found very strong aversion to, hic!

- Hey, you're like many kids his class works! - Father time is asked to "report" back to "the children".

- Boy or girl? - Strong Australian calmly holding a bag of coca breath.

- Come - Manh Linh Dam wallet in the back make it almost chokes ... coca. To answer back ... Hey, I love you more baby classes works!

- That's not the question.

- Mad head because you lose it. You can not be said to be feeling a little bit ah?

- I am not with my daughter.

- What?! I heard that ... you were wrong or crazy?

- Both wrong. I do not play with girls, that's all.

- So the kids are talking to you this is me .... What ...?

- except for ....

*** - Ah, this is the "guy" was filled with the province, "she "Then what's more, hi hi! How did she react like? - Huyen nervous. Joy, jumping up and crying again as provinces inquisitive?

- Tao ... more to break the back of it, this time more heavily as it vividly real, ha ha!

- Heaven and earth. - Huyen nghiu Tiu. So you do not see it in Korean films you? Or at best is to have read the manga instead. Why on earth reacts like?

- I know where to be! Thought it jokingly. Anyway, afterwards the girls from class I do not see a bit dark "matchmakers", "consultants" or "spies" Where's them again. Instead, "the prince" Strong of them all day as I only heir. - Spirit foot end of the street.

- The fact the ball like you, who, strong, apple teu. With the "straw fire near" me that, right? - Huyen Linh nudge elbows into people.

- Haha, I guess so. Finished it happens very much, and it gradually became good in the eyes of apple (ac!) Actually, grades 9 through travel so fast that, as a twisted end. Complementary cram into her 10 head of learning at home far away, I would have to ride the bus there, but that did not control the rain and sun have brought me to where on the selection of, yet fun!

- Incubation incubation oh oh, so romantic! - Huyen clear broth.

- Not including any day "running numbers" do not eat it all up buying a glass of chocolate milk tea for me, hehe.

- Ai Yes, "Prince milk tea" à psychological home. More romantic, hehe

- But that is just a romantic story to her that's all sir ...

*** - Tomorrow you must take a good listen yet? - Strong suction milk tea, said vaguely.

- Yes, I know. You support me mentally horrible there, bleu. - Spirit has just tease eating hamburgers.

- I've "taught" to you all and know the method, but not in Mathematics 9, no hit with me!

- Bitter much more ... And you know, do not be sloppy! Stop eating fast pitches up longer on the plow, a few articles of foreign literature review tonight I'm new here.

- Yeah.

Two children sit quietly and eat on. Port to the Spirit, the Spirit prepares to open, then suddenly Manh said:

- Mai nhé good competition. I and thou, ah, ... I and the F
ather. Aja aja fighting!

- Yes, "you" so then ... well Manh - Khanh Linh guests smile, laugh clear summer noon. ***

- Then two of the park here?

- Yeah. But after a summer of love not met, then crashed into a light well. I thought grade 10 would be happy to meet very basic, one doubts how uncomfortable it themselves. Sure do not want your friends to know about the "glorious past" that.

- Well, I remember early last year or you go to the same guy, does not Strong?

- The longer it than anyone. Spring day on the bike with it, or is it pass. But then what happened too much, new schools, new friends, then swept away learning, emotional and gradually fade you sir. Sure it has not played with girl. Since then I transferred to bus shall be deemed never to talk to each other always.

- ...

- That, all right, ma'am.

- I still wonder a little place you sir. As you tell the Strong was a little cold and quite introspective child, playing only friendly to you after all. People do not think I can "fade" in such a short time where Spirit sir.

Spirit wary. Also a long time it did not think much to Strong, as it is only the past, a "love child love." It also still think only sentiment faded, not find out the cause. Aish, is Huyen Huyen Oh, you're a princess curious and intrigued by other people there! Spirit still think so but smile smile:

- Tao cha know, that story is long. Considered as past. The time now is you, then greet meet, that's all. Well then going to school, so I had to review all.

Huyen is from thinking, just wanted to make Spirit "Oanh" a match for your child:

- Tao thought not only that is specialized. Not end easily be like that Spirit sir.

News to me, calls "incidents" Today signals more surprises ahead too ...

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