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"Love is like a beast to starve"

From love to come before the pretty daughter, when she sighed her knew and asked: "How do you sigh?".

Sao tonight I sighed a dozen times and then asked her father to see anything? Some weeks, Hanoi cold plug, which also houses an early night lights. His or late hours, so that this look is hard to get into breeding earlier. But changing a habit unpleasant results. Just read the newspaper and then bored restless thoughts.

In addition, her passion and her daughter slept. I know it's her last breath. The woman's breath after birth, due to fat, it's bigger than normal, to add a little bit more loud snoring ... Do not sleep cycle should stop and think, think around. Just think the last one is a little sigh.

Sigh! Oh yeah, from day to love each other before her lovely daughter, when she knows her sigh and ask: "Why do you sigh?". Just asking that's all that I have seen much lighter heart. Stars tonight I sighed a dozen times to ask her father to see anything? Because of her deep sleep, or have long ceased to hear her sigh for husbands?

Soak again recently, family life and emotional couple pleasant really. She liked what she wants, I have met, or substantially met. What is less coffee is drunk, come home soon. What is taking her children to public records, and even the slogan "give full salary, up to sleep at home ...." Accomplish this, he will blame all this. But in return, his wife found no grumbling, seeing her eyes happy and victorious. Once children are Fig. huc forged letters, looking to catch her eye from the kitchen to look at. Oh, it's light dizziness, showing the sheer joy!

When her husband to comply with the will of her, she seemed to consider it a happiness. But I do not feel that. Life is not as simple as you think. Any thought on the same day as the family peace and happiness. But I know there are waves on the underground movement, very strong in the head, not necessarily from the restrictive life and decent, but the sentiment came from the excess of the threshold. Attention, sometimes too little attention is not good. Burned a little lacking sometimes very good or

The more thought, as I clearly see their own problems. The trip was far from home, you always have a sense of happiness around. After hugging her daughter have a father, I just want to be hugged his wife tightly specified! But just stay home all week, had no feelings. Or the day she was away, the real fun. Met through friends still, huh, but that day is like a long time no see. Well, the party, said, then at a slightly more men in the mood like never wished to marry ...

Then in the chaotic tangle of memories and desires free man, I've realized long time no compliments wearing this beautiful wife, the other with hair; not hear the end of the center of her work, nor to notice what she was thinking while watching TV sitting next to you ... Life is washed round according to a predetermined formula for each family has its problems "lateral", or myself have changed, or both she and I are so confident that this peace will last forever reasonable? Maybe so!

From tomorrow I will do anything baby, more interested in her, demanding her attention to herself? Or "rebellious", "rise up" to their own lives more flavor, add new emotions? Shelves, the following story. In the immediate future, I will try to let her know that the world has a nearside proverb: "Love is like a monster, to its well-being hungry, it, eat it, it's dead."


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