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Is he your half?

Half of you, there is a guy who never turned their backs you, understand you and hope to give you what the happiest.

Ask yourself and answer the following questions to see if he could be the man of the your life or not:

1. You can live forever with him?

current lifestyle he like? He can get along with his friends for you? He could see the activity involved in the family? He has got good reviews in lifestyle and your work or do not seem unhappy or criticize them? Family and your friends have good comments about him or not?

2. He can make your life comfortable and easier not

Think carefully about this question. Chung provided the final goal of an emotional relationship is finding someone to share your joy with sadness in this life. Two people love each other and to stand together to conquer the world as teammates. You should ask yourself whether he is truly treated equally with you or do you just look like a secretary to assist him, he is a bank to withdraw money freely or mothers spend Monday throughout the day to press hard for him?

3. He has a future?

In business or love relationship, too, the "partners" will hardly inferior to bring you such a good ending expected. You take care not to attack the rich guy but at least your lover must be the future. If he still intends to live with his parents in the next five years, with no clear future-oriented concerns such as back or anything, you do not get the illusion that he will change when you come to him .

4. Does it matter he could not prevent wholeheartedly 100% with you?

Did he ever have a girlfriend or wife hurt so bored now hate women? He's a rich kid living entirely dependent on his mother? Does your life lack the time he is so bad, so now he can not go to anyone please? Can give him the opportunity to improve these problems, but you will have many things to do if you want to maintain this relationship. Feelings really come very naturally and significantly reduce the value when we must try to get it.

5. He can get along with you in terms of intelligence is not

You and he can match each other in terms of degree of education or not? Will soon be bored if dating someone you see often. Come to one person you may be interested to talk for hours about things that you care and love.

6. He has to understand the emotional needs of you?

If you are an emotional person but he is dry, cold or do not know how to express feelings , you will be upset at you because of this opposition. How many guys that just have to whisper the words are off with your girlfriend or wife proved with romantic, romantic nhach how it looks. If he had typically been very masculine, there are also acceptable, however if you choose a lover and can express feelings for you, so why not better.

7. You are attractive in terms of sex he does not

This problem is not the errand you '.
In summary, if you stick to a relationship no solid foundation, you may encounter misfortune after his broken family or martial arts you have to embrace the pain in our lifetime.

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