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Inconvenience he finally sent to


This is the last letter she wrote to him, it means in this story, I really have to let go of my hand then. You're right, I was a nothing girl, you and tricks promiscuous. Man I live this life for 22 years, did not expect was disgusted and despised by the people we love most. I hurt too, no need to say more he understands that.

In this story you acknowledge that you have mistakes. What's wrong here is that you do not awake from the beginning to now I definitely have not caught the karma they have created. From the beginning I was too weak, right from the start I had to rush love but no time to understand the feelings of his heart. I hate his anger and his much more well. From a cute little girl in his eyes now becomes an ordinary man tactics and cunning. I wish I was a part of reality as he says, so you would not know love, not painful torment like this anymore.

Over 1 month, time is nothing compared to a long life but it was enough to make me become a different person to me before. I think I'm hopeless little while last Friday wandering indefinitely after leaving the cafe and then turned back again. I walk in the rain but I did not know how heaven and earth, until he H. Pass appeared and said the new office I was startled, his hair was wet from ever! Met you, I tremble joy mixed. I'm like a miserable beggar she stood in front of his home office would be giving his hand a little love left over after what he called love for you. But I still have to accept and leave me feel like a stray dog ​​being chased. Ê shades and humiliating him sir. He was not insult me ​​with pride, he owned them tricks, he says they bother you, you make me itchy eyes .... I do not charge anything because I know he is only now in the caustic for you. I know this is not right when you say that I have that has a long position in my heart he has gradually deteriorated. Because of poor children, I have no progress, I just know the Joneses playboy!

My dear, you were born and raised in a family family is not rich, you have to run home to eat each meal, make money out of my desire is not merely a dream, but also a desire, but I never let myself order was losing money personality, This body is the parents gave you, this character is 16 years of schooling that you have, it can not be priced exactly how much money first, so that only through a story like this, human dignity and the children were his contempt, like a second downgrade! I found him very humiliating sir. You came to me, you did not ask for anything, because I know he is not of great wealth, he is not the death of that child as well as his children grew up in difficult circumstances, we are 2 kids the same circumstances I believe that only people like us could share and empathize with her, moreover, I love you, like so many times you say, I love you like never loved any time. A son does not make me cry, to go out and stalk tangerine, a son does not make me limp out there on the bar like that, not once did I stoop to say "Do not leave me darling ... " Yet why do you have all those things when I met you there?

Until this moment I still can not forget the hug please "advance" of him, my head is still feeling his hand to shade you when you and I go to buy rice for her mother at the hospital, I can not forget the look in his eyes when he saw me looking lovingly I eat, ... English please help me forget the time we walk together in the "passionate milk flower" to him, then kisses as they can not stop yourself, how often do we watch the moon together. I can not forget ... Now go to where you also see pictures of us on the road, along the lake, parks, ... all you sir. I love you so much, all the things you do to this point is just because of one thing, the one thing that just as she had once told him many times when we are together My love for you more such as the Red River Alluvial, I love you when the Long Bien bridge and Chuong Duong Bridge collapsed, the new children all love him, like me I once said I love you so much, many with "a little heaven" immediately! But now with with high skies, two bridges still standing, the Red River Alluvial increasingly more enriched, but why not take it away from you ... I have to go, what to do to you may solace his wound this huh?

Now, I know his situation, it's difficult You know all, but I did not speak out because he said that he pitied me. I do not want your man is weak, you scared when you know the official story, he will stress off of you. Debt, his house but could not tell him you know. I'm not heartless, I'm not up with the Joneses, I did not know the dance and eat, my only love him with all my soul and man, yet why did you take me is the people like?

Now, in my anxious always a pain, sore to the end that he come back, Daddy is a cat loves me as days First, despite the mistakes I had because I know he really could not have peace of mind when thinking about what we have, is not he?

By yellow_rose

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