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Improve "process" your marriage

hundred thousand kisses dependency style and level ... understanding of each person. But want to improve learning "process", which makes the opponent die than stand as ecstasy, you have found to the right place then.
1. Soft lips

He will not want a dry chapped lips like bread for a long drive, so, before giving him a kiss, make sure you have Property lips soft, smooth, full call.

This is not difficult. Drink plenty of water daily and use a lip product, because of the perfect kiss.

2. No chemical kisses

Another thing to consider is the girlfriend, do not turn your lips spread into the cake ... son. Men do not like the taste of her cosmetics you, whether lipstick or lip stick water, strawberry flavor, grape, or their position no matter what.

Very sexy, but he still can not fully Be sure to leave ... marriage.

3. The ultra-cool
Make sure you have a fragrant breath. If you have gum disease need to see a dentist. Do not forget to brush your teeth 2 times day, rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. Stay away from onions and other foods can cause unpleasant odors. Cases of "urgent", chewing gum can be considered a temporary solution.

4. Slow and passionate

Start kissing slow speed, add a little seasoning to it captivated. Two things to remember when you always kiss is gentle and thrill.

5. The sweet lips

Gently put your lips taste sweet tongue of man. But only that, okay, do not add to "visit" the chin or nose, because it will turn you into a kiss wet kiss nhoet worst.

6. Cruises

Nobody hands you prohibition romantic look to the shoulder, back him, even on the other areas rich more sensitive. All depends on whether you want to kiss your add color or not.

7. Quality gold

Make sure that your kiss biased "nature" and not the amount of time. A loving gesture even neat compact place for 5 seconds and can easily cause of gay hair guy, just you know how ...

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