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Impression on Valentine's 14 / 2

Valentine this year to show your love for "him"? You do not know the first impression your Valentine in the eye "him" How?
regret Do not let Valentine's season is not complete, because the chance may never come to you first II. Just put a little rehearsal time and tastes, you'll glow in this Valentine season

1 . Smile "radiant beauty without harsh glare"

Maybe you would think that anyone that is not smiles, no need to exercise, right? But did you know a smile can be priceless to you lot or not? A warm smile, friendly, and the light will not only make him that those who contact you will feel you are trustworthy and are talking to you is a priceless gift!

Can not follow the natural sense, a smile of "quality" should be practiced. You know? A serious face and cold will certainly appalled him up. Most of us know how to laugh, but how new smile is important. And remember, never forget your smile to yourselves!

2. Emotional eye

Your eyes are the mirror reflecting the most honest man in the opposing party. So if you do not focus on vision, not just point unless you are recording for their first impression, that the index would slip your love costs catastrophic.

In dating, if you want the first impression is great and want "news" for opposing an unobtrusive way without waiting for any more action. Always look for ways (but remember not to blink too much if you do not want people to think you have sore eyes) while talking, seemed attentive to the conversation - great for a date that you can not stop eyes off the guy is.

Do not be shy, but rejected the opponent's eyes. Take this opportunity and make him feel himself great with your own eyes for them.

3. Groom themselves

Also smile, sympathetic eyes, appearance is also an extremely important factor in the first sight. No need to waste time, just put a bit of intelligence and taste, you can stand out from the crowd. For example:

Choose a field that you feel "cool" and comfortable, and make sure it matches the dating space.

your nails should be cut carefully filings.

body smell is also very important. Deodorized water or a little gentle perfume. Remember not to spray too much if you do not want to cause the opposite effect!

Dedicated to the girls nè: face with makeup is not attractive what with natural beauty.

You know, when you care little about their appearance and sweet fragrance guidance, your confidence will increase dramatically. Bet you that you will burn him in the eyes of Valentine's season this year.

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