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Impress your friends with a guy

When in love, you and he will be more frequent dating. Sometimes, you'll go with the guy's friends. It is very normal if you feel embarrassed when they first met. You seem a bit shy and self-esteem when their side. Sometimes you feel difficulty in talking with their first meeting.
1. Smile

No need to adjust itself to too many friends to get along with him. What you need to do is a few social skills that you must learn, practice and use when in contact with new friends. A smile is the best thing you can do to become accustomed to all your friend's boyfriend. When you smile, tell them that you are happy to meet them, no matter how you like them or not.

2. Looking straight
You should keep and maintain their look at when talking to them. When you look away, it is you can not focus and you do not like to talk to them.

3. About Me
When you see the guy's friends, you need to introduce myself. Tell them your name, what you do and where you study or work. This introduction opens up an intimate conversation and they also introduce them gradually. Do not wait to introduce them before you can do that before.

4. Action polite
If you're sitting in a chair before him and he's closer to you then you should stand up. When you stand up, you can make them talk to you more easily. If you continue to sit and not stand up when they arrive, you will demonstrate that those of you guys not important to you.

5. Shaking hands
Shaking hands will make you begin to understand those of you guys better. You can tell who is confident and comfortable in her friends. It was you who started first and that person will be regarded as the most confident and comfortable.

6. Proper attitude

When you introduce yourself comfortable with his friends, you have to behave the way they want you to treat them. You can go with them when they go to bars, travel or go somewhere and let them integrate. But if he does not want you to touch the body with too many guys in the group as pat on the back, holding hands and blindfolded, you should avoid such activities as much as possible.

7. Learn hobbies

You can also know the different preferences and leisure time of young friends, the guy's preferences and interests to follow him. When you integrate with your guy friends, you will feel comfortable with them. Remember that often the problem can hinder you settle in and adjust to the guy's friends. But once you overcome these difficulties, you will see no problem when integrating with them.

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